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  • Persian Gulf War

    Persian Gulf War
    Led by the United States, against Iraq in response to Iraq's invasion and annexation of Kuwait. George H.W. Bush ended the war with Iraq pulling out of Kuwait.
  • End Of Cold War

    End Of Cold War
    The edn of the Cold War signified alot for America. The soviets were no longer communists, and the Berlin Wall had finally collasped.
  • Tax Lies

    Tax Lies
    Bush raised taxes, as a result, many Republicans felt betrayed because Bush had promised "no new taxes".

    NAFTA stands for North American Trade Agreement. If trading with any countries in North America, such as Mexico and Canada, trading is free.
  • Death of A Grunge God

    Death of A Grunge God
    Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of Nirvana, had taken his life in his home in Seatle. The devisation rocked the country because he was at a highpoint in his career, and he was an idol of the time period.
  • OJ Simpson Murder Case

    OJ Simpson Murder Case
    Simpson had been charged of killing his ex wife Nicole Simpson, The trial was controversial due to the difference of opinions of the public. He was found Not Guilty.
  • Pixar's Toy Story

    Pixar's Toy Story
    Toy Story was the first full length movie to be completley digitally animated and not a cartoon. The movie is a now disney classic and had succsessful sequals.
  • Oklahoma City Bombing

    Oklahoma City Bombing
    A terrorist bomb attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City, The attack killed 168 people.
  • Titanic

    The film is a romantic tragety of two lovers separted by social class, trying to stick together as the Titanic sinks. With a worldwide gross of over $2 billion, it was the first film to reach the billion dollar mark, remaining the highest-grossing film of all time for twelve years,
  • Lewinsky Gate

    Lewinsky Gate
    President Bill Clinton had had an affair with a White House intern, Monica Lewinsky. He had lied to the country stating that he did not have "sexual relations with that woman". He was put on trial for impeachment because of lying to the country. The impeachent was not finalized and he remained president.
  • Balanced Budget

    Balanced Budget
    Clinton balanced the budget by not spending more money than America had. He did not put the United States in any more debt.
  • Columbine High School massacre

    Columbine High School massacre
    A highschool shooting in which two students, , Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, had entered the school, and targeted the students and staff of Comumbine Highschool. Resulting in 21 injuries and 15 deaths.
  • Presidecial Election

    Presidecial Election
    The 2000 Presidencial Election, between Republican respresentative George W. Bush, and Democratic canidate Al Gore, was the first election in history in which the decision of who would be president was decided by the Supreme Court.
  • Al Quida Attacks on America

    Al Quida Attacks on America
    In 2001, on September 11, four planes had been highjacked by members of the terrorist organization, the Al Quida. Two of the planes had crashed into the WorldTrade Center in New York City, one plane had crashed into the Pentagon in Washington DC, and the third plane had been crashed into a field. George Bush spoke of revenge and bringing justice.
  • War On Iraq

    War On Iraq
    In 2003, Bush declared war on Iraq because he had believed that they had WMDs, weapons of mass destruction. There were none found.
  • Department Of Homeland Secrurity

    Department Of Homeland Secrurity
    After the terrorist attacks on September 11th, Bush made secrurity more intense. At the airport, at all international borders, more severe checks were made on each individual.
  • 2008 Presidencial Election

    2008 Presidencial Election
    Barrack Obama was the first president in history to be black.