My Gaming History

  • Born

  • Halo 2

    Halo 2
    Halo 2 is the second instalment for the popular Halo franchise and was developed by Bungie studios and released for the original Xbox console in 2004. Players make their way through the campaign as Master Chief and the Arbiter in an attempt to stop the Covenant from gaining control of the super weapons commonly known as Halo. I have fond memories re-running the multiplayer campaign with my brother.
  • Mario Kart : DS

    Mario Kart : DS
    Mario Kart is a unique racing game developed by Nintendo, where players race against each other and use various items to help them progress the course. The Nintendo DS iteration of this game was widely popular and I have distinct memories of bringing my DS to school on games day and having races full of my class mates. This game is important to me as it highlights how fun casual gaming could be especially with a large group of friends.
  • Combat Arms

    Combat Arms
    Combat Arms is a free to play online multiplayer first-person shooter available on PC that was initially released by game publisher Nexon in 2009. The core gameplay was fast paced and shares the same mechanic fundamentals as popular first-person shooters today. This game is important as this was the first online game I played and is the reason I have been a PC gamer ever since.
  • League of Legends

    League of Legends
    League of Legends is the most popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) in the world and pioneered this niche genre into the mainstream. I remember hating League initially because it was so confusing. Eventually I got to trying it again later that year and have been hooked ever since. The game is enjoyable because it is simple yet so complex allowing for great experience for both casual and competitive gamers.
  • Overwatch

    Overwatch is an team based online multiplayer which has a unique take on the first person shooter genre. Players control heroes, that each fulfil a certain role with their abilities, to play for various objectives. This game is important to me as the skill ceiling was so high, I was hooked always trying to improve, especially in the competitive ranked environment.
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