My Education Timeline

By Gamey
  • Education Act

    Education Act
    Also known as the 'Butler Act'. Free compulsory education for all children. School leaving age was raised to 15.
  • Need for Teacher Training

    Need for Teacher Training
    Emergency training programme was introduced. 53 training colleges opened by 1950.
  • General Certificate of Education (GCE)

    General Certificate of Education (GCE)
    O-levels and A-levels introduced. Replaced the School Certificate and the Higher School Certificate.
  • Crowther Report

    Crowther Report
    Raised school leaving age to 16. Raised the provision of further education for 15-18 year olds.
  • Teacher training courses extended from two years to three.

    Teacher training courses extended from two years to three.
    They had it so easy!
  • Wolfenden Report

    Wolfenden Report
    Highlighted 'gap' in sport participation. Formation of Advisory Sports Council. Called for a range of state initiatives to enhance sport in the community.
  • 1962 Education Act

    1962 Education Act
    Required LEAs to provide students with grants for living costs and tuition fees. Cost of my education - £32,000
    Cost in the USA - $91,000
  • Circular 10/65

    Circular 10/65
    Tripartite system abolished. Comprehensive schools set up. Comprehensive schools combined all abilities.
  • Plowden Report - Children and their Primary Schools

    Plowden Report - Children and their Primary Schools
    Arguably one of the best known of all education reports. Rejected the idea that a genetic predisposition alone contributed to ability. Child-centred learning. ‘ the heart of the education process lies the child’. Many factors which influence how a child learns (physical, intellectual, emotional).
  • 1968 Newsom Report - The Public Schools Commission

    1968 Newsom Report - The Public Schools Commission
    Made recommendations about integrating private boarding schools into the state education system.
  • GCSE replaces GCE

    GCSE replaces GCE
    General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) replaced GCE O Level and CSE.
    Changes:- Sex Education- Parents evening- Yearly reports and targets/expectations
  • Education Reform Act 1988

    Education Reform Act 1988
    National Curriculum was introduced. Key stages were developed as objectives for attainment. Parents have a right to choose which school their child should go to. League tables were published alongside school exam results.
  • SATs

    Government introduces National Curriculum tests, SATs. For all 7, 11, 14 year olds where by all children were expected to achieve a certain level of competency in basic Maths, English and Science.
  • Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education)

    Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education)
    1992 Education Act - new arrangements for the inspection of schools led to the creation of Ofsted.
  • National Curriculum for PE

    National Curriculum for PE
    NCPE was introduced in schools. Increased structure for PE.
    Foundation subject.
  • Play Group

    Aged 3-4 3 mornings per week. Developed socially. Learning through play.
  • Nursery

    Aged 4. 5 half days a week. Learnt through play.
  • Belle Vue Primary School

    Belle Vue Primary School
    1993-2000 Aged 4-11. Sculpture trail. Positive experience of a male PE teacher. Learnt how to swim.
  • Sport: Raising the Game 1995

    Sport: Raising the Game 1995
    Growing involvement of the Labour government on sport provision. 'My ambition is simply stated. It is to put sport back at the heart of weekly life'. Sporting opportunities continuing after school - down to colleges and universities. Improve school and club sport link.
  • Advanced Subsidiary (AS levels) introduced

    Advanced Subsidiary (AS levels) introduced
    I took Sport Studies, Biology, Geography and Psychology.
  • Academies

    David Blunkett announced the government's intention to create a network of academies. Edgecliff is becoming an academy in December, joining 3 other local schools to form the Invictus Multi Academy Trust.
  • Edgecliff High School

    Edgecliff High School
    2001-06 Small community school. Passionate PE teachers. Great opportunities in PE and sport.
  • PE, School Sport and Club Links (PESSCL)

    PE, School Sport and Club Links (PESSCL)
    KEY IMPACT ON ME.. Plan was delivered through various programmes of PE such as: Specialist Sport Colleges, School Sport Coordinators, Gifted & Talented programme, and Step into Sport. £1.5 billion funding. Aim: to increase the % of school children participating in 2 hours a week of 'high quality' PE and sport to 75% by 2006. 'Major impact' - 62% ---> 80% My participation and engagement in PE and sport.
  • Every Child Matters

    Every Child Matters
    Its main aims were for every child, whatever their background or circumstances, to have the support they need to:
    stay Safe,
    be Healthy,
    Enjoy and achieve,
    achieve Economic well-being,
    and to make a Positive contribution.
    Focus on the child’s welfare.
  • Old Swinford Hospital School (OSH)

    Old Swinford Hospital School (OSH)
    2006-08 State Boarding School Sixth Form Sport Studies, Biology, Geography, Psychology
  • Loughborough University

    Loughborough University
    2008-2011. Bsc Sports Science with Management Outstanding facilities and Sports Coaches/Lecturers. Pedagogy modules.
  • Teacher Training!

    Teacher Training!
    Wolverhampton University.
  • National Curriculum for PE

    National Curriculum for PE
    Aims: For all pupils to - Develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities Are physically active for sustained periods of time Engage in competitive sports and activities Lead healthy, active lives. Schools now have a greater freedom over their curriculum that they offer their children.