My 10 Technologies

  • Apple I

    Apple I is the first technology that has been created in the 1976 it was crazy at first but only lasted for a year. Apple I is a personal computer without a screen
  • Period: to

    My 10 Technologies

    These are the 10 technology from the 1900 till now 2011
  • Apple II

    This was apples second technology design. They called this Apple II but the difference between apple I and II is that apple II has a screen.
  • Apple III

    Apple III was created in 1980. This computer was maily used for people who do businesses. It is a business and oriental computer.
  • Itouch I

    Itouch I was a design again from apple but this was a huge design made for people. You could listen to music play games and also check emails by using WIFI
  • Iphone 3gs

    Ipone 3gs has developed it has been a fantastic design many people bought it you could do the same thing as a Itouch but the only difference was it could call.
  • Itouch 4

    Itouch 4 is a more advanced than the itouch I because it has a camera and has more function than the Itouch I