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  • Started Playing Guitar

    Started Playing Guitar
    At the age of 2, I started playing musical instruments-starting with the guitar.
  • Joined Band

    Joined Band
    I joined band-playing the alto sax
  • A Dress and the Suits

    A Dress and the Suits
    Had a band through Guitar Center with my brother, Chloe Whelan, his friend...
  • Joined Symphonic Band

    Joined Symphonic Band
    This was for kids who continued playing in the band for 2 or more years
  • Joined Jazz Band

    Joined Jazz Band
    Tenor Sax
  • Chorus (Honors but it's whateva)

    Chorus (Honors but it's whateva)
    Country Day was lit.
  • Started Mixing with Pacemaker

    Started Mixing with Pacemaker
    I made really shitty mixes that I thought were bangers. lol
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