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Musical Periods

  • Period: 400 to

    Music History

    This shows and briefly describes all the different musical periods.
  • 410

    Medival Period

    Medival Period
    The Medival Period of music started around 410 C.E.,to around 1420. This period occured right after the fall of the Roman Empire. The most famous style of music of this time is the Gregorian Chant
  • Sep 1, 1420


    The Renaissance period lasted from 1420- 1600. It was a time of "rebirth" for the arts, especially music. The great composers of this time were Prez and Palestrina.
  • The Baroque Period

    The Baroque Period
    The time period lasted from 1600-1750. Out of this period, came one of the greatest composers. Johann Sebastian Bach. He created a completely new style of music, and most famous for his organ works.
  • The Classical Period

    The Classical Period
    The Classical Period of music lasted from 1750-1820. This period was completly different than the one before it. Composers during this time created "clean lines" instead of adding a lot of ornamentation. Bach, Mozart, and Haydn are the three most well known musicians of this time period.
  • The Romantic Period

    The Romantic Period
    The Romantic Period lasted from 1820-1900. This time period is known for adding emotional depth to music. Chopin, Shumann, Wagner, and Brahms are just a few great composers from this time period.
  • The 20th Century

    The 20th Century
    The 20th Century strarted at 1900, and it can also be considered the Modern Period. Here is where music took on a different face. Serialism was invented by Schonberg, and it expanded even more with Babbitt and his square.