musical insturments thouhgout history

  • 100


    the kay pach is in the same family as the dijeridoo. the acient river civilizationused this during they would use it for music and little gathering they had
  • Jan 1, 600

    The lyra classical ( 600bce-476bce)

    The lyra  classical ( 600bce-476bce)
    what we know as the harp now and day but in the acient roman was used as a musical insturments during.It was made from tourtoise carapace, or pumpkin , or wooden crates, and meatls.
  • May 17, 1400

    the sacbut (1400-1600s)

    the sacbut (1400-1600s)
    the sacbut is similar to a trombone but is acctually one of the very first brass insturments ever made.
  • Aug 16, 1492

    oboe (1492-1700)

    oboe (1492-1700)
    the oboe a high and loud wood wind insturments around the end of the exploration era.they used it in there orcrestras and fetivals.
  • the snare ([1680s]1750s-1850s)

    the snare ([1680s]1750s-1850s)
    the snare was used for the soliders in the revolutinary war.they used drum patterns to send messages thourout the war.
  • the saxophone (1914-1945)

    the saxophone (1914-1945)
    the saxophone was used around the time jazz and swing music was cool and hip back then. and ecspecialy during ww1,and ww2. when soliders would come back they would dance with there ladies to a song or two.
  • the guitar (1945-1991)

    the guitar (1945-1991)
    the guitar was and still is a very popular insturment. they used it for music eccpesicaly peace bands that didnt like war and some bands would talk about it thourgh song, but what insturment would they use mostly was a guitar.
  • the lute (476bce-1400bce)

    the lute (476bce-1400bce)
    the lute was a was a gutair based insturment during the medival time era during