Musical Era's

  • Period: 476 to 1500

    Mediaval Times

    The Medieval times were the times of almost like the modern days of now. Meaning some of the food we eat now is the same, the fairy tales and castles are the same, etc. But a lot of the farm animals were smaller. Also Pérotin was a famous composer from this time period. He also lived in France and was apart of the Notre Dame School Polyphony.
  • Period: 1400 to


    The era of Renaissance if the time where some new instruments came in. For Example, the Sackbut and the Crumhorn. Women started to wear "makeup" made of a paste out of lead powder and vinegar. Also one of the famous composers was Thomas Tallis. This man was a organists, teacher, and composer.
  • Period: to


    The time of Baroque was the time of some weird stuff(to me). Meaning it was popular for the men to wear wigs, and also someone died from stabbing their toe with a conducting stick. But also flutes and recorders came into view at this certain times period. And one of the famous composers was Henry Purcell. This man wrote quite a lot of royal music for special occasion such as birthdays, funeral, marriages, and others too.
  • Period: to


    The Classical Era was the time of many things. Such as Mozart(came into view) had rumors around his death and many people question it. Also a composer wrote a song for the king, the king wanted the song changed but the composer didn't change it. So the king fired him immediatly. One of the very famous composers is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. This man came a composer very young. Meaning writing his own opera at the age of 14.
  • Period: to


    The Romantic period was the era of many musical names and more of the modern started to view. Meaning the words of lieder, atonality, and many other fancy music words. Also a lot of art started to get popular. One of the famous composers is Franz Liszt. This man was was a multitasker. The means he was a teacher, conductor, composer, and virtuoso pianist.
  • Period: to

    20th and 21st Century

    The 20/21 centuries was the time of more modernity. That means the had music stands and vacuums and other stuff like that. Also, composers would experiment with that kind of stuff(music stands, vacuums, etc). One of the super good composers was Duke Ellington. This man earned his nickname "Duke" for his childhood friends from his politeness and manners.