Music videos

  • First time images linked with music

    First time images linked with music
    Edward B Marks and Joe Stearn create the song "The Little Lost Child". They projected images relating to the song on a screen in theatres whilst the song was playing. This method became popular, and later became known as the 'Illustrated Song'.
    Although the date I have given is not exact, as there is no recorded date as to when this was done, the year is accurate. The link above is not perfect, but is does show what images were put up, and the correct timing they were displayed.
  • Screen songs

    Screen songs
    Although this isn't really a music video, screen songs became ever so popular in the 1930's onwards. They feature the 'bouncing ball' almost like karaoke today. These cartoons gave artists a chance to show their new songs off, often in the middle of cartoons. This particualr example is a very old one (one of the first) called "Oh You Beautiful Doll" from 1929. The actual song, however, was composed in 1911, and became greatly loved.
  • Duke Ellington - Performance based video

    Duke Ellington - Performance based video
    In 1943, Duke Ellington was one of the most respected jazz performers. He created the song "It Don't Mean A Thing" in 1932, but didn't make a video for it. In 1943, this video came out.The video to this song is completely performance based. This video is not a live version. It is a proper music video, that is performance based, similar to the rock videos that we see today.
  • Little Richard - Lucille

    Little Richard - Lucille
    Another performance based song in 1957, but this time, the band were focused on more; rather than just being the singer.
  • The Beatles - Love Me Do

    The Beatles - Love Me Do
    This was one of the first 'real' not all performance based music videos (that I can find anyway!). Although it does include some performance, it does have some kind of concept to it.
  • The supremes - Back in my arms again

    The supremes - Back in my arms again
    The supremes released this number 1 in 1965. Again, it is clear that performance based music videos are really popular in this time. This time, however, the mise-en-scene has been adapted to look cool. This is showing signs of change in the music video business.
  • The Beatles - let it be

    The Beatles - let it be
    As we can see from the Beatles here - performance based music videos were still heavily used, despite the sucess of some of their other songs, which did have videos towards them, that weren't performance based. Was this because of a lack of tech, or a lack of imagination - or was it something to do with their record label?
  • Aha - Take On Me

    Aha - Take On Me
    This is one of the best music videos ever, in my opinion. It was the first video to really experiment with the joys of stopmotion, and the way it was done by illustrations was just awesome! This video was highly iconic and won lots of awards, including Best New Artist in a Video, Best Concept Video, Most Experimental Video, Best Direction, Best Special Effects, and Viewer's Choice. I have jumped to this one, because I think this video was one that really changed the music video industry.
  • Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity

    Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity
    Vitual Insanity is one of the most iconic music videos of the 90's. It is completely concept based, and to be honest, I have no idea what is going on! Its a video directed by Jonathon Glazer (a director I have previously studied) and is actually done by pushing/pulling the walls around to make the furniture appear as though it is moving around. This has made it onto my list, because it was the first video to do this, and somehow it actually pulls it off!
    An awesome video!
  • Coldplay - The Scientist

    Coldplay - The Scientist
    This video has made it on my list, one because it is one of my favourite songs by Coldplay, but mainly because the music video is basic, yet so effective. It is all done in reverse, so you can see then end result first, and get to the end; linking to one of the lyrics "Oh take me back to the start". There is nothing particularly special about this video, just I think (from what I have found) it hadn't really been done succesfully before.
  • Lady Gaga - Pokerface

    Lady Gaga - Pokerface
    This music video is primerily performance based. The video is basically full of voyuerism, as males are all supposed to stare at Lady Gaga. I included this video because, I think it really shows how times have changed! This isn't the only version of this video, but is one that stood out.
  • Bastille - Pompeii

    Bastille - Pompeii
    This music video is completely concept based, and is one of my favourite recent ones. The link with the lyrics is used "But if you close your eyes" and the whole point is everyones eyes are changing. With the special effects now hitting an awesome level, it has become much easier for directors to incorporate them. I chose this video because the effect looks particularly reaslistic.