• Teenager's identity

    Teenager's identity
    Teenagers were becoming a strong influence on Australian life in the 50s. They started to build themselves an identity. The names Bodgie (a male with long hair and unusual clothes) and Widgie (a female with short hair and unusual clothes). Many teenagers aspired to become these, and soon it became the norm. Teens also adopted Rock 'n' Roll music because it was something new, older people didn't like it, and it showed in a way reliance on older people.
  • Australia's first Rock N' Roll record

    Australia's first Rock N' Roll record
    George Assange an Indigenous Australian. Under his stage name of Vic Sabrino, he released a version of 'Heartbreak Hotel' (originally by Elvis Presley)
  • First Music television in Australia

    First Music television in Australia
    Television had played a significant role in allowing access to rock music since Johnny O'Keefe was given a show called Six O'Clock Rock.
  • The Beatles Tour/ Beat Boom

    The Beatles Tour/ Beat Boom
    Smaller independent companies such as W&G in Melbourne, Clarion in Perth, and Alberts in Sydney prospered in the wake of Beatlemania. Teenagers across the country demanded records and live concerts, and the music industry boomed.
  • The Australian Band made hits in the UK THE SEEKERS

    The Australian Band made hits in the UK THE SEEKERS
    The Easybeats and Normie Rowe, two of the biggest two biggest names on the local scene, had moved locally to England to try and crack the international market.
    The Seekers were a pop quartet with 12-string guitar, double bass, and a female singer who formed in Melbourne in 1962. They were the first Australian pop band to achieve major chart success in the UK and the States. I’ll Never Find Another You reached #1 in the UK in February 1965.
  • Double J

    Double J
    First non-commercial rock station when Double J started broadcasting. Double J broadcasts on Channel 200 on all free-to-air digital televisions in Australia. If you have a Foxtel box, you will find us on channel 884.
  • Sia

    Sia Kate Isobelle Furler was born in Adelaide, the 5th biggest city in Australia. Her parents were Loene Furler and Phil B. Colson.
  • Tripple J

    Tripple J
    Triple J is a government-funded, national Australian radio station intended to appeal to listeners of alternative music, which began broadcasting in January 1975.
    The station also places a greater emphasis on broadcasting Australian content compared to commercial stations. Triple J is a division of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.