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  • 1900 (Blues)

    1900 (Blues)
    Created by African Americans "secular folk music" originated in the South and became the most important influences on the development of popular music in the U.S.
  • 1920s (Jazz Era)

    1920s (Jazz Era)
    Jazz music was also developed by African Americans and influenced by African rhythms and European harmonic structure. New Orleans became the mecca for jazz music while became Louis Armstrong the face.
  • 1925 (Country)

    1925 (Country)
    It wasn't until the 20s the country music became popular, Eck Robertson made the first commercial country record. However, historians say the true moment country was created was when Jimmie Rodgers and Thee carter family were signed.
  • 1950s Creation of Rock'n'roll

    1950s Creation of Rock'n'roll
    While Elvis is the "King of Rock" , Chuck Berry is credited a lot with the creation of rock and roll but it's not really clear on how it started.
  • 1970s (Hip Hop)

    1970s (Hip Hop)
    Emerging from the Bronx, New York Hip Hop became an art movement mainly pioneered from DJ Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa, and Grandmaster flash. They became known as the holy trinity
  • Period: to

    Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson is one person that had one of the biggest impacts on music
  • Period: to

    Golden age of Hip Hop

    The golden age of hip hop arguably had the most impact on not only music in America but it also had a huge cultural impact. Hip hop had an impact on the way people dressed and spoke. Labels such as def jam and prism records became successful. Rakim, Chuck D, Warp 9, and KRS-one advanced rapping while L.L. Cool J, Public Enemy, and the Beastie Boys were innovators in this age.
  • MTV

    The creation the of the Music Television made the visual elements of music just as important as the music.
  • 1990s Punk, Grunge, and pop

    Punk music became mainstream with Green day, the pop princess arrived, and grunge took over due to nirvana.
  • "The South got something top say"- Andre 3000

    "The South got something top say"- Andre 3000
    During the early 2000s Southern rappers gained national success both mainstream and underground.
  • 1996 Lil'Kim

    1996 Lil'Kim
    Lil' Kim's debut album Hard Core changed the rap game for women and paved the way for what we see now with Cardi B, Megan thee Stallion, and Nicki Minaj.
  • Early 2000's

    In the early 2000s hiop hop dominated with 50 cent, missy Elliot, young jeezy, snoop dogg, Nas, Jay-z, and so many more.
  • Period: to

    Trap music

    Its not clear where trap music originated from however Trap music became mainstream because of Ti, Rick ross, young jeezy, and lil jon.
  • Spotify

    As on of the first streaming sites, Spotify changed the music industry dramatically by allowing music to be more assessable and now its easier for anyone to listen to music. Now streaming made up 56% of the 21.5 billion dollars in revenue that the music industry brought in in 2019.
  • Start Of Mumble rap

    2011 rap started much of what we see today in rappers. Future is credited with starting this ind of rap.
  • Streaming takes over

    Streaming platforms officially start bringing in more revenue than any other form of distribution