Music Technology- Recording

  • Edison Invents the Phonograph

    Edison Invents the Phonograph
    This is one of the first recording devices that can reord and play back a sound, the sound was captured by a needle attatched to a diaphram ,and as you spoke into it the diaphram moved and engraved the tin foil. The first recording ever ,was the sentence "Mary had a little Lamb"
  • Emile Berliner Invents Flat Disc's

    Emile Berliner Invents  Flat Disc's
    A German Inventor Emile Berliner, invented the falt disc, this was a disc of zinc that had a thin cover of wax. Same principle of recording was the same of Thomas Edisons, Phonogrph. However the flat disc could be played back more frequently, and the sound quality was better. It was played through a Gramaphone.
    This invention revolutionised the way that music was recorded.
  • Tape Recorder - Semi Joseph Begun

    Tape Recorder - Semi Joseph Begun
    The tape recorder started out on a huge scale with massive steep reels being engraved. Then further advancements were made and plastic tape was used to record sound onto. Joseph Begun was the man who invented tape recording
  • Columbia Records- 12' 33 Vinyl

    Columbia Records- 12' 33 Vinyl
    Columbia Records released a vinyl record that could play up to 60 minuites of Music. So artist could record a whole album on one Vinyl record. More commonly knownas an E.P. Due to this move in recording the music industry grew vastly in the amount of artists and the amount of music they could produce.
  • 7" records started to be produced

    7" records started to be produced
    In 1949 they started to prodce 45rpm records, these records were much more commercial, you could sell them for less money and they were playable in juke box's so now they could hold about 100 tracks instead of about 40-60.
  • Computer recording

    Computer recording
    The oldest known recording is of a Ferranti Mark 1 computer at the University of Manchester – it played God Save The Queen, Baa Baa Black Sheep.
  • Multi Track Recording

    Multi Track Recording
    Les paul was the inventor that came up with the idea of multi track recording in 1954, he could play all of the elements of a song himself saving moeny and time of getting session musicians in. He convinced Ampex, to build him a 3-track recorder. this was the first multi track recorder.
  • Thomas Stockholm - Digital Recording

    Thomas Stockholm - Digital Recording
    Thomas Stockholm transmitted a signal from a device to a standered computer with the use of recording equipment. This is usually overlooked as the frist digital recording, however this paved the way for all of the digital era to take over.