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Music Tech in the 70s

  • Portable Synthesizers

    Portable Synthesizers
    Synthesizers have been around since 1955 but in 1970 the first portable synthesizers released. The Minimoog and ARP Odyssey being the first few portable synthesizers ever sold to the public. Musicians could now take a synthesizer anywhere making production way easier. Portable Synthesizers have been used by many successful musicians for example Herbie Hancock. Herbie used a 1972 ARP Odyssey in the album Headhunters which had 2 of his most recognizable songs Chameleon and Watermelon Man.
  • The Talk Box

    The Talk Box
    Invented in 1973 the talkbox is a gadget that allows a musician to run their voice through an instrument. It makes the musician sound like a robot that learned how to sing. Talk boxes allow musicians who aren't singers to use their knowledge of their own instrument to be able to sing.
  • Component Car Stereos

    Component Car Stereos
    The next advancement in car cassette players. The Component Car Stereo separates the woofers and tweeters of speakers producing a better sound quality.
  • The JVC

    The JVC
    The first VHS-based VCR. With the popularity of music videos, fans can now record the music videos of their favorite artist. Micheal Jackson's Thriller Music video was one of those music videos recorded by fans.
  • Fairlight CMI

    Fairlight CMI
    The Fairlight CMI pioneered what people call sampling. This synthesizer used samples of real instruments instead of having a simulated version of instruments. The realistic sound of the CMI was so realistic that the musician union considered it a threat to live music. This synthesizer was also the first synthesizer that was used digitally instead of analog thanks to the Motorola 6800 microprocessor.