Music Tech 1970s

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  • 24-Track Recording

    Multi-track became easier in 1970 because of the use of 24 track recorders.
  • Hi-Fi Cassette Decks

  • Karaoke

  • King Tubby's Mixing Desk

  • The Heil Talk Box

  • The 12" Dance Single

  • Polymoog

  • The VCR

  • Synclavier

  • Pink Floyd's Flying Pigs

  • FM Radio Dominance

    FM radio broadcasts go back to the 1930's and by the end of the 60's they became known
  • Fairlight CMI

  • Sony Walkman

    as the 1970's progressed, people couldn't listen to music conveniently on the go but this made it easier
  • Compact Discs

    Sony and other company showed off there prototype for digital audio