Music´s timeline

Timeline created by Paola Gatica
In Music
  • impressionist music

    impressionist music
    The impressionist music borned in 1900 with compositors like Debussy and Ravel
  • Jazz

    it borned in 1913 in USA in Nueva Orleans
  • Charleston

    in 1920 charleston´s music strated to be popular
  • Prokofiev

    Prokofiev composed the famous musical called"Peter and the Wolf",
  • Rock´n´roll

    in 1950 borned the rock´n´roll. Elvys Presley was the most famous singer
  • Beatlles and The rolling stones

    Beatlles and The rolling stones
    The beatlles and the rolling stones started to be very popular
  • Rock

    new kinds of rock´n´borned like Pop Rock, Punk Rock, Heavy Rock.
  • music in 80´s

    music in 80´s
    in 80´s borned the rap also rock´n´roll was very popular
    mickle jakson was a big exponent
  • 90´s

    in 1990 the pop stearted to be popular
  • music now

    music now
    At presen, music is important in our life, it is an entrenamient industry
    now existe a lot of genders and a lost of artist