Music Players

  • CD Player

    CD Player
    Back in the day my first music player was a CD player. I got this one for my birthday and was so excited to use it and went out and bought many cd's.
  • Walkman

    The new craze was a walkman that let you take your cd's wherever you went and you could listen to the music with headphones and it didn't have to be plugged in.
  • First Ipod Shuffle

    First Ipod Shuffle
    Now the ipod shuffle came out which allowed you to put music on the device from your computer and you didn't need cd's anymore.
  • Second Generation Ipod shuffle

    Second Generation Ipod shuffle
    The second generation Ipod shuffle came out and it was in multicolors as well as being small and having a clip that you could clip it to your shirt or jacket.
  • First Ipod Nano

    First Ipod Nano
    The first ipod nano came out and it allowed people to see what songs they were listening to and pick which songs. You could also put music videos on these. The first were only black and white.
  • Seond Generation Ipod Nano

    Seond Generation Ipod Nano
    The second generation ipod nano came out and it was multicolored as well as having more room on it to put music and videos and pictures on it. It was also slimmer than the first ipod nano.
  • Third Generation Ipod Nano

    Third Generation Ipod Nano
    This was when I got my third generation ipod nano and it was small and thick but had so much more space on it and could do more than the others. It also was multicolored.
  • My last Ipod nano

    My last Ipod nano
    This was my last version of the Ipod nano. This one was very ideal because it was small and had the clip. Also the whole device was touch screen.
  • Ipod Touch

    Ipod Touch
    This was my next Ipod, which was an Ipod touch. This could do many functions and was absolutely the new craze.
  • Iphone

    I recently updated to the Iphone, which can play all your music and you can download it directly from your phone. It doesn't have to connect to the computer although you can still do that as well. From a cd player to an iphone is extreme technology.