Music Notation Technology

  • Feb 3, 1468

    Invention of Printing Press

    Invention of Printing Press
    Johannes Gutenburg invents the printing press allowing for Thomas Tallis and Willima Byrd to mass produce music. Physical manuscripts were the main medium for music notation prior to this.
  • Invention of MIDI Keyboard

    Invention of MIDI Keyboard
    Musical Instrument Digital Interface"-Dave Smith pioneers the electrical keyboard. This instrument not only allows innovative new music, but acts as a controller for composers in future music notation software. Before MIDI controllers there were only handwritten notes.
  • Finale Music Notation 1.0

    Finale Music Notation 1.0
    The first version of Finale is released. Before this music was manually copied and required numerous people for editing. Finale is now in its 10th version. It's functionality is fantastic, but it is not the most user friendly platform.
  • Sibelius 7

    Sibelius 7
    Sibelius 7 is released as a direct competitor to Finale who originally held the monopoly on the market. With the increase in technology, the program has a polished look and easier interface. After a buyout in 2012, Sibelius is now owned by Avid, the largest producer of pro audio recording and production software. The interface is widely considered the easiest to use without the help of a midi keyboard.
  • Symphony Pro- Music Notation For iPad

    Symphony Pro- Music Notation For iPad
    With the advent of tablets, the first music notation software to edit and create is releseased on the Apple App store on the iPad. With a touch interface and far lower price tag, the program is avaiable to a much wider audience. It is a full feature software that is easy to use, but not th eindustry standard.