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Music magazie history

  • First music magazine

    In 1883 the first ever music magazine was created, it was called "The Etude" and ended as an era started 1954
  • Billboard advertising launched

    Billboard advertising launched
    The billboard magazine released its first music magazine. It was founded by William h. Donaldson and James Hennegan.
  • Melody Maker

    Melody Maker
    In 1926 Melody Maker's first magazine was published. It included the first ever music chart called "Honour List" It was founded by Lorance Wright.
  • Billboard starts first coverage of Music

    Billboard starts first coverage of Music
    In 1936 Billboaard started reporting on music news.
  • NME

    NME was one of the first successful music magazines, it made a website in 1996 and became the most successful music website of all time
  • Billboard changed there magazine to Music only

    Billboard changed there magazine to Music only
    In 1961 Billboard changed there magazine to a music magazine only. There still producing music magazines today.
  • Rolling Stone

    Rolling Stone
    In 1967 Rolling Stone published there first magazine. It is still going today and extremely popular.
  • The musician

    The musician
    The musician started in 1976 when a couple of friends got together and borrowed 20,000 of friends and famly. They set up in a barn and got to work, the magazine was a huge success until they went bankrupt in 1999.
  • Kerrang! was made

    In 1981 the hugley popular american Rock magazine Kerrang was founded, this was and still is a huge success and is still being published.
  • Q was made

    Q was made
    In 1986 Q was created, its a pop music magazine that is owned by the Baur media group , it is still going today.
  • Nostalgia Magazine

    Nostalgia Magazine
    A Nostalgia magazine is a magazine that focus' on a old time period of music. "Keep Rockin" came out in 2009 and is all about events that happened in 50's and 60's and includes articles and pictures from that time.
  • BMG longest british music magazine

    BMG longest british music magazine
    BMG is the longest running british music magazine, it was founded in 1903 by Clifford Essex. BMG stands for Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar. It is still going today.