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Music in the past 30 years

By 97cats
  • Modern Electric Keyboard

    Modern Electric Keyboard
    It was created in 1955, but was truly advance in 1970 when an artist created his own version of the electric keyboard that could change sound. It is commonly used in bands and in modern day music. The electric keyboard is a much cheaper adaption of the piano.
  • Sampler

    It was created in 1979 and it is an electrical instrument used for generating sounds. This is used to compose music. This revolutionized music because it made it easier to play pre-recorded music, hence using it in songs.
  • Walkman

    Was introduced in Japan in 1979 and was widely distributed in the 1980’s. It was popular because of the fact that you could listen to the music on the go, anywhere you want. This was thought of as revolutionary because you could select music of your choice to listen to by yourself.
  • Compact Discs

    Compact Discs
    The first compact disk came out in October 1982. In 2004, there were about 30 million CD’s in the world.
  • Portable CD player

    Portable CD player
    The Portable CD player was introduced one year later after the CD. It was popular for a while, but new digital audio players came into the market. This decreased the popularity.
  • Dubstep

    It is a different type of genre of music that was created in late 90’s. People believe that it originated from the United Kingdom. It gained popularity in the late 2000’s.
  • Minidiscs

    Was introduced by Sony in 1992 and was used for Audio storage and Data storage. Mini discs were smaller than regular CD’s and needed special machines made especially for them to play on. Mini discs were not a big hit and died down very quickly.
  • Napster

    An on-line music service created 1999. You could listen to music pirated. The company ran into legal copyright issues and eventually stopped. It was acquired by Rhapsody in late 2011.
  • iTunes

    It is a media player and media library on your personal device. It was created by apple in 2001. You use ITunes gift cards to be able to buy and download music on to your device. It is very well known and popular.
  • iPod

    It is a line of portable media players that are famously known for having a light, simple, easy design to them. Apple made them in 2001. It is a very popular portable music device
  • YouTube

    It is a video sharing website that was created in 2005. It has revolutionized music because it has made it easier to share music and listen to different cultures music. The first ever YouTube video was called “Me at the Zoo” and was a test run to see if it worked. Google bought the website in 2006. It is written in Python code.
  • Digital Radio

    Digital Radio
    Australia first had digital radio in May 2009. Digital radio was clearer than AM and FM bands and sound quality improved. There are more broadcasting channels and more variety of music to listen to.