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Music in Society - Technology Timeline - Instruments

  • Telharmonium

    Thaddeus Cahill
    Using Additive Synthesis using Tonewheels to generate musical sounds as Electrical Signals.
  • Theremin

    Invented by Leon Theremin
    Played without physical contact from the player. Hand gestures used in the field generated to change the Volume and pitch.
  • First Commerical Electric Guitar

    First Commerical Electric Guitar
    It was called the Frying Pan and was created by George Beauchampand Adolf Rickenbacker
  • Hammond Organ

    Hammond Organ
    Created by Laurens Hammond.
    Although created as a cheap alternative for Church organs became popular for Jazz, Blues and Gospel.
  • Mellotron Sampler

    Mellotron Sampler
    Created in Birmingham.
    Using tapes for realistic sounds. Using recording of the actual instrument.
  • Moog

    Robert Moog invented the Moog Transistorised Synthesiser.
    Very large and very expensive.
  • MIDI

    Musical Instrument Digital Interface.
    Not only for music but to control other electrical devices e.g. Light switches.
  • Spanish Electric Guitar

    Marketed by Rickenbacker
    Also known as Electro Spanish