Music in Society - Technology Timeline - Format

  • Juke Box

    Juke Box
    In 1890, Louis Glass and William S. Arnold invented the nickel-in-the-slot phonograph. A device patented under the name of Coin Actuated Attachment for Phonograph.
  • 12 inch 33

    12 inch 33
    One of the first format for music.
    Played on a Gramophone. Very common in Disco and Dance music.
  • Sony Walkman

    Sony Walkman
    Portable Cassette Player
    Worlds first low-cost portable stereo
    Originally called the Stowaway or the Soundabout Sony soon came up with the name Walkman.
  • CD 5 inch CD-S

    CD 5 inch CD-S
    In 1999 78 million were sold.
    In 2009 less than 1.6 million were sold.
    Brothers in Arms by The Dire Straits is reported as being the first single on CD-S
  • Sony Mini Disk

    Sony Mini Disk
    Capable of holding up to 74 minutes and, later, 80 minutes, of digitized audio.
    Originally based on ATRAC audio data compression format
  • Napster

    Napster was the original P2P (Peer2Peer) sharing idea. It allowed anyone with Napster installed on their computer to download songs they wanted for free as long as someone else with Napster had it. Napster changed the way we get and listen to music and ultimatly started the Piracy of Music and Films.
  • iPod

    Portable media player.
    Capable of storing more music than CD or Tape.
    Upto 10Gb of storage
    Connection via FireWire
    By Apple