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  • Pierre Henry

    Pierre Henry
    Pierre Henry was born in paris on the 9th of December 1927. Between 1938 and 1948 he studied at the Paris Conservatoire, whislt he was studying there, he was struck by things that hed later use as part of his music. In this time Henry was introduced to the pioneer Pierre Schaeffer, Later on The pair Started to work together and developed music concrete to be bigger and better. Over the years he produced and composed many albums including the first music concrete to be on film.
  • The First Vocoder

    The First Vocoder
    In 1928, Bell Labs Created a machine that could, divide a voice into seperate frequencies, send them through band pass filters and send them off to the recieving end, where those frequencies would be synthesized to make speech. This Technology took its first height in the war as it was a way of coding private phone calls between the world leaders to discuss the fate of the war. This Concept worked and was used again in later wars, but was also made big into the music scene.
  • Music Concrete

    Music Concrete
    In 1948, A French Composer, Pierre Schaeffer developed the genre of music concrete, with his associates in an experimental studio. Music Concrete,is music created with, sounds from everyday objects that have been manipulated to change the fundimentals of that sound into something different. The Genre came about after people realised that the tape that analogue tape recorders used could be cut and changed. The Introduction of Daws has also made this genre easier to develop.
  • First Commercial Tape Recorder

    First Commercial Tape Recorder
    After WWII, An American audio engineer(Jack Mullin)Discovered and brought back 2 German Magnetophon machines, The Engineer demonstrated the potential of the machines to Bing Crosby Who then invested into the production of them. A Year After the company Ampex Released the first commercial model, The Ampex Model 200. This Model could only record 4 tracks but people were impressed by the feature of being able to overdub, through the years tape decks improved to host more tracks, until daws arrived.
  • Electroacoustic Music

    Electroacoustic Music
    Electroacoustic is a genre of western art music, that is based around manipulating the timbres of acoustic sounds, by processing the audio signal heavily to make many different sounds. The genre is used in common entertainment to fill things that normal music couldn't. The genre developed from Music Concrete as it used effects rather than tape distortion to manipulate their sounds and incorporated new found electrical instruments to create more sounds.
  • Moog Synthesizers

    Moog Synthesizers
    In 1964, Robert Moog Released The Moog Synthesizer. This synthesizer allowed musicians to create sounds by patching ocalators and sending them through different filters and amps to get the achieved sound. Later in 1970 He Released The Minimoog, this was a more portable version of the moog that also didnt use patch cables, this allowed artists to use a synthesizer live on stage, this sparked a huge movement in synthesizers and their uses.
  • Keyboard Vocoder

    Keyboard Vocoder
    The first Musical use was by the inventors themselves, who recorded and released a cover of "Love's Old Sweet Song" using their vocoder at the time. The Vocoder Really Reached musical Success when Bruce Haack and Bob Moog both developed their own synthesized vocoders that were used of revolutionary track, Notably A Clockwork Orange By Wendy Carlos. These Designs Changed Bell Labs Design into a compact keyboard with the full range of notes and a synth making you able to customize the sound.
  • Kraftwerk

    Kraftwerk are a German Band, That Lean into the style of synth-pop and electronic music. The Band has used many technological innovations over the years Such as one of the first Musically Vocoders and one of the first Electronic Drum kits. The Original founding members met in college, and from then on lead into make one of the most popular synth bands
  • Parametric EQ

    Parametric EQ
    In 1971 a man by the name of Daniel Flickinger, invented the Sweepable EQ, This was the first of the now common EQ that we know today, this eq can be found all around music in live settings and studio settings but also can be used digitally or analog. The First Commercial Unit was the ITI ME-230. after a man named George Massenburg, found the idea and helped create a commecial version the following year. An EQ Can Adjust the volume of specific frequencies equalling them or creating new sounds.
  • Synthpop

    Synthpop is a genre that uses nothing but synthesizers and effects to create rhythms, Melodies, Harmonies and more. The genre started to see its origins when Robert Moog Released his famous synthesizers and Took big after Kraftwerks hit "AutoBahn". The genre has spread through the decades with each band taking unique styles to it. The genre has also influenced later pop and hip hop artists helping influence things that are in the charts today.
  • Electronic Drums And Pads

    Electronic Drums And Pads
    Electronic Drums And Pads, Are instruments composed of triggers that play a sampled or synthesized sound when hit. Nowadays The market is split between full kits like the Roland TD-50K and Pads like the Roland SPD-SX, but these products are mindblowing compared to the first commercial release in 1976. The Pollard Syndrum, was the frist offical electronic drum, The Product came with 4 pads that each triggered 1 of 4 synths inbuilt to one machine.
  • Digital Reverb

    Digital Reverb
    In 1976 EMT Released their EMT 250 digital reverb, thisrelease started a new wave of digital effects and uses for effects in recorded music. Reverb has become the most popular digital effect and can be found everywhenre in recorded and live music. The effect imitates how a sound would bounce around a room and creates a spacious feel ( A Space Emulator ). It was a huge hit in studios as it could add clarity to music but also be used to make more sounds that could develop a piece.
  • Digital Synthesizers

    Digital Synthesizers
    Digital Syntheaizers, contrast Analog synths and how the sound is made, Instead of ocilators controlled by voltage be manipulated into an electronic sound, the waves are emulated digitally and the the sound is also processed digitally to make the desired sound.THe First Commercial One was NED's Synclavier which was the first synth to go purely digital, not too mucbh longer this would be followed by casio and Yamaha ( With their own FM Synthesis )
  • The Roland TR-808

    The Roland TR-808
    The Roland TR-808 is a drum machine released in 1980, this sequencer allowed the user to program very specific rhythms and drum loops. The machine also allowed the users to manipulate certain sounds on the machine most notably the kick which was the start of all the 808 basses and kicks your here into todays music. The machine found it self on many electronic tracks but really gathered its cult in the hip hop scene where it has stayed ever since with its legendary sounds still going today.
  • Roland TB-303

    Roland TB-303
    The Roland TB-303 was released in 1981 as a solution for artists that couldnt play bass or want to spend the time getting people in, The TB-303 Emulated a realistic bass sound and could be paired with the drum sequencer released around the same time. The Product didnt sell very well as to start the machine was rather complicated to use, It later found its revival as it was used to make unique bass and synths that kickstarted a new wave of Edm, and techno
  • MIDI

    In 1983, the first MIDI connection was made live at that years NAMM Show. MIDI is a universal connection used to control analogue and digital instruments all from one computer or keyboard. The Idea came about as a resolution to connecting multiple instruments, at the time everything was connceted through 1/4 Jack Cables but the problem was that rival companies never had the same tech making it impossible to connect these instruments.
  • Rick Allen (Def Leppard)

    Rick Allen (Def Leppard)
    In 1984, The Drummer of Def Leppard, Tragically losing his arm in a car accident. After The Accident the Drummer was determined to continue his music career with Def Leppard. Rick spent time redeveloping his kit with a mix of acoustic and electric drums, this was so he could still play everything but with both feet and his right arm. If Someone were too asking me, what is a good use for electronic drums?, He would Be my Anwser.
  • Atari ST

    Atari ST
    The Atari ST was the first computer to have built in MIDI ports, this meant that as well as being a great home computer for families, it sat very well for musicians and produces looking to branch into something more than hard instruments and analog recording techniques. With this Machine came the development of Steinberg's Pro 24, this was an 8 track sequencer that took full capabilities of the ST's MIDI Ports, Later this software evolved into the Start OF the Cubase that we know today!
  • E-MU SP-1200

    E-MU SP-1200
    The E-MU SP-1200 was a drum machine and sequencer released in 1987, The machine took off because of its sampling capabilitites and was heavily influencial on hip hop at the time, this sampler helped push the digital and electronic way of sound in hip hop with the way producers could take drum breaks or melodies and turn them into their own. Because of this sampling in modern day tracks is essential and adds alot to the tracks.
  • Loop Pedal Beginning

    The First ever commercial loop pedal / machine was released in 1993.This was the Paradis Loop Delay. this allowed muscians to record in and loop there instruments to build up a live performance from scatch. This allowed audiences to see more of an artists creative improvisation and allows an artist to give each show a different experience. after this the development of loop pedals and arists that use them have become main stream. some popular artsists being: Ed Sheeran and Marc Rebillet
  • VST Plugins

    VST Plugins
    A VST (Virtual Studio Technology) is a software that works hand in hand with Digital Audio Workstation to produce the same sound or effect as a hardware that would be found in a studio, this ranges from rare instruments and vintage effects to original synthesizers (Xfer Serum) and Samplers (EZBass). The First VST's Came as reverb and chorus in Steinberg's Cubase 3 in 1996, since then steinberg are known for making VST's easily accessible to install for anyone.
  • Marc Rebillet ("Loop Daddy")

    Marc Rebillet ("Loop Daddy")
    In 2016 an artist by the name of Marc Rebillet came about on YouTube. Marc Started by livestreaming and uploading videos of his completely improvised sets and songs to Youtube. From There he has worked hard to become a bigger name in the industry and has been on tour multiple times with aweird yet amazing audience. He uses mainstage and the BOSS RC-505 Loop station, to create songs on the spot to a particular theme. Marc Rebillet is Changing how artists and audiences view the looping scene