Uganda music history

Music History and the Composers that changed Music

By jmsuban
  • Period: 500 to Dec 31, 1419

    Medieval Period

  • Oct 14, 1100

    Hildegard von Bingen

    Hildegard von Bingen
    One of the first women composers.
  • Oct 14, 1300

    Guillaume de Machaut

    Guillaume de Machaut
    Medieval Composer Made form fixes popular
  • Oct 14, 1400

    John Dunstable

    John Dunstable
    Composer of Alma Redemptoris
  • Period: Jan 1, 1420 to


  • Oct 14, 1470

    Printing Press Invented

    Printing Press Invented
    This invention helped music accessible to the public
  • Oct 14, 1500

    Josquin des Prez

    Josquin des Prez
    Renaissance composer He wrote many masses
  • Oct 14, 1580

    John Dowland

    John Dowland
    Composed "Flow My Tears"
  • William Byrd

    William Byrd
    William Byrd was a composer who helped introduce the idea of polyphony.
  • Period: to


  • Claudio Monteverdi

    Claudio Monteverdi
    composer of the opera L'Orfeo
  • Henry Purcell

    Henry Purcell
    Composer of the Opera Dido and Aeneas
  • J.S. Bach

    J.S. Bach
    Johann Sebastian Bach introduced the theory that is still studied today...Counterpoint
  • Vivaldi

    Composer of the Four Seasons
  • George Frideric Handel

    George Frideric Handel
    Composer of the piece Music for the Royal Fireworks
  • Period: to


  • Haydn

    Composer of the piece Surprise Symphony
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    One of the most famous composers of music history.
  • Ludwig van Beethoven

    Ludwig van Beethoven
    Another famous composer of Fur Elise, Moonlight Sonata
  • Schubert

    Composer of the "Unfinished Symphony"
  • Period: to


  • Hector Berlioz

    Hector Berlioz
    Composed Symphonie Fantastique
  • Chopin

    Composer of Heroic
  • Tchaikovsky

    Composed the Nutcracker
  • Period: to

    20th Century

  • Claude Debussy

    Claude Debussy
    Composed La Mer
  • Mahler

    Composed his own Eighth Symphony
  • Stravinsky

    Composed The Rite of Spring
  • Rachmaninoff

    Composed The Rhapsody of a Theme for Paganini
  • Richard Strauss

    Richard Strauss
    Composer of The Four Last Songs
  • John Cage

    John Cage
    Composer of 4'33
  • Gregorian Chant

    Gregorian Chant
    Pope Gregory I helped with the notation of music. Introduced music of the Christian church.