Music History

  • Period: to

    Great Depression

    When the stock market crashed the Great Depression started. Families became poor and were barley surviving. The plants were no longer striving when a drought came around.
  • Blues

    This genre came out of field hollers and work songs. It began in the 1910s and continued into the 1930s. Much of blues is based on the 12- bar blues formula.
  • Duke Ellington

    Duke Ellington
    In 1931, Duke Elligton came out with "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that Swing" This song showed what swing music was all about, having fun and forgetting your worries.
  • Men's Fashion

    Men's Fashion
    Hats were an essential accesory in the 1930s. Men wore fedoras and also trilbies. Mustaches were also popular but not other facial hair.
  • Bessie Smith

    Bessie Smith
    Bessie Smith was a famous American Blues Singer. When the 1930s arrived she started to head more toward the Swing route but her carrer was cut short by a car accident.
  • New Deal

    New Deal
    A federal program launched by Franklin D. Roosevelt. Its goal was to increase jobs and get the economy back on track during the Great Depression.
  • Radio Popularity

    Radio Popularity
    In 1933, one-third of the houses had a radio. It was good cheap entertainment in the time of the Great Depression. It introduced people to different styles of music.
  • Swing Era

    Swing Era
    By the 1930s Swing Music had become very popular. Swing bands were very popular and included many intruments. In Swing, beats 2 and 4 were accented. This music helped many get away from thier worries.
  • Women's Fashion

    Women's Fashion
    Women dressed more conservative and with more of an hour glass figure dress.
  • Glenn Miller

    Glenn Miller
    Glenn Miller was a famous trombone player. He formed his own band in 1937. Miller's style was swing and even had a song called, "Swing, Swing, Swing"
  • Dizzy Gilespie

    Dizzy Gilespie
    Claims to be the foundation of all music. Salt peanuts is popular song and was the orginator of bebop
  • Bebop

    Bebop was a syle of jazz that appeared in the 1940s. This style was fast and complex.
  • Dresses

    The dresses usually were below the knee and up to teh neck dresses with many buttons.
  • Thelonius Monk

    Thelonius Monk
    Famous for mistakes
  • WW2 is done

    WW2 is done
    The last countries, Germany and Japan surrender causing an end to the fighting in the war.
  • Slinky toys hit shelves

    These were a huge hit
  • Charlie Parker

    Charlie Parker
    Was a legendary Jazz musician and part of tge big three of bebop.
  • Hair

    Hair was more important to people in the 1940s. The women had volumized curls and barrets were very popular.
  • First Non-stop flight around the world

     First Non-stop flight around the world
    Capt. James Gallagher and USAF crew of 13 flew a Boeing B-50A Superfortress around the world nonstop from Ft. Worth, returning to same point.
  • Color TV was introduced

    Color TV was introduced
    This first color program was a variety show simply called, "Premiere."
  • Hard-Bop

    Hard Bop is syncapated rythm, full body, driving sound music that arose in the 1950s.
  • The Jazz Messengers

    The Jazz Messengers
    This was a hard bop group with Art Blakey and Horris Silver. Art Blackey believed his group should be composers and musicians.
  • Lee Morgan

    Lee Morgan
    An American Hard- Bop trumpeter
  • Charles Mingus

    Charles Mingus
    Charles Mingus was an American jazz composer, bassist, bandleader, pianist and civil rights activist.
  • Disneyland Opens

    Disneyland Opens
    Disney opened for selected members the next day it opened for all.
  • Women's Fashion

    Women's Fashion
    Smart and tailored style with gloves. Skirts were very popular.
  • Elvis Appears on the Ed Sullivan Show

    Elvis Appears on the Ed Sullivan Show
    Elvis' appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show was a major success. Over 60 million people watched the show.
  • Country

    This Nashville sound included Merle Haggard, Wynn Stewart and many more artists.
  • Men's Fahion

    Men's Fahion
    Most men wore plain buiness suits with white T-shirts underneath. Also, button up-cardigan sweaters were popular.
  • Herby Hancock

    Herby Hancock
    Herby Hancock was a child prodigy who revolutionized jazz. Hancock came up with 5 charts that became standard
  • Bouffant

    This was hair arranged on the head with some hair falling down on the sides.
  • JFK is Assinated

    JFK is Assinated
    Kennedy was assinated by Lee Harvey Oswald.
  • Motown

    Motown started as a Detroit-based record label in the late fifties and early sixties, but became more popular. Motown records consisted mainly of African-American groups.
  • The Beatles

    The Beatles
    The Beatles were an English rockgroup formed in Liverpool in the 1960. They influenced many bands.
  • Change of Style

    Change of Style
    Mini-skirts, go-go boots, bell bottoms adn hip-huggers made thier appearance in the 1960s. The young dictacted what was beign worn.
  • Latin

    Influenced by music form Brazil, the Caribbean and Africa. Bossa Nova is the first example of this style.
  • First Man on the Moon

    First Man on the Moon
    Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon in 1969.
  • Woodstock

    Thousands of teenagers from across the United States came to a dairy farm in Bethel, New York. They were there to listen to the best rock 'n roll of the time at the Woodstock Festival of 1969.
  • Bob Dylan

    Bob Dylan
    Bob Dylan was a terrific songwriter who sang songs like Blowin' in the Wind.
  • Hard Rock

    Hard Rock
    Hard Rock had greatly emerged and becme very popular in the 1970s. Some examples of popular bands are Aerosmith and Deep Purple.
  • R & B

    R & B
    This genre had primarily been an African American popular music style in the 1970s. THis style of music had originated in the 1940's. R&B stands for Rythym and Blues.
  • Deep Purple

    Deep Purple
    Deep Purple is a band created in the 1970s and are known to be a sparker of hard rock and heavy metal. The band had sold 100 million albums worldwide
  • Period: to

    First Earth Day

  • Alice Cooper

    Alice Cooper
    Alice's career become very popular in the 1970's. ALice has bee producing for 60 years now!Alice is a hard rock american musician.
  • Donna Summer

    Donna Summer
  • Apollo 17

    Apollo 17
    Apollo 17 is a spacecraft that had went to travel to the moon and had sucessfully done it in 12 days. This had only been the sixth time that humans had ever landed on the moon.
  • Disco

    Disco orginated in nightclubs. Disco didn't become popular until the mid 1970's to 1980's
  • Female Clothing

    Female Clothing
    Female clothing had included platoorm shoes, bell-bottoms, and mini skirts in the 1970's.
  • Male Clothing

    Male Clothing
    The male clothing had included three piece men suits and bell-bottom pants
  • Female clothing

    Female clothing
    Females would wear leotards, leg warmers, mini skirts, and leggings. This had been the average female clothing in the 1980's.
  • Male Clothing

    Male Clothing
    In the 1980's men had worn wherever they were socially and musicslly. Whatever they wore matched their intrests.
  • Electronic Music

    Electronic Music
    Electronic style of music had started to become popular in the 1980's. This style had largely effected and taken over the disco era. Became popular from nightclubs in the 1980's.
  • Micheal Jackson

    Micheal Jackson
    Micheal Jackson is the "king of pop" as we know him today. Micheal Jackson had started being noticed and drawn people's eyes when his music video "Thriller" was produced. His video was very unusual but that same video had started Micheal's amazing career. Micheal will always be the "king of pop".
  • Whitney Houstan

    Whitney Houstan
    Whitney Houstan was a very well known pop artist in the 1980's and produced many popular songs at this time.
  • Ronald Reagan President

    Ronald Reagan President
    Ronald Reagan becomes president of the United States. He had deeated Jimmy Carter by a lot of votes.
  • Pop

    Pop music had emerged in the 1980s ad some of the biggest pop icons of all time came from this time periiod. Pop music had MTV music videos on TV of pop all the time.
  • Country Music

    Country Music
    Pop music had greatly influenced the start of Country Music. A movie that was shown in the 1980's had been "Urban Cowboy" which had a very successful country music country.
  • Madonna

    Madonna had moved to New York to try to persue her dream of being a singer and dancer. She is very talented and soon became one of the biggest female singers of all time. She had started to become noticed by many people in the 1800's.
  • Challenger Disaster

    Challenger Disaster
    Is a rocketship that had crashed just secounds after liftoff. All seven of the crew had passed away.
  • Berlin Wall Fall

    Berlin Wall Fall
    Reagan had challenged Mikhail to tear down the Berlin Wall. The wall had been teared down and now is being sold today as little pieces for memory.
  • Pop Punk

    Pop Punk
    Pop Punk waa never reconized until the 1990's when Green Day had came into the show bizz.
  • Mariah Carey

    Mariah Carey
    Mariah had made her first debut in 1990. She is also a songwriter and an actress. She sings pop and contempoary R&B.
  • Contempary R&B

    Contempary R&B
    Contempoary R&B had been sparked and became dramatically popular in the 1900's.
  • Britney Spears

    Britney Spears
    Britney Spears was a child actress and star before she became a famous pop star icon in the 1990's. She had started her singing career in Jive Records.