Music Genres

  • Sep 28, 1400

    Medieval Music

    Medieval Music
    They used flutes as wood instruments and many plucked string instruments
  • Classical Music

    Classical Music
    Symphony 1o.
  • Music Hall

    Music Hall
    Music Hall was very popular at that time when they had dances in the saloons.
  • The Birth of Jazz

    The Birth of Jazz
    At this time, Jazz was called The Blues Movement.
  • Country music

    Country music
    Country music was mostly considered by Jimmie Rodger and Carter Family.
  • Pop Music

    Pop Music
    Pop music was created as deriving from Rock n Roll
  • Rock n Roll

    Rock n Roll
    Rock n Roll was createdd after pop music. Invented by Chuck Berry.
  • The Beatles

    The Beatles
    At this time, music became more popular over the Beatles of pop.
  • Hard Rock

    Hard Rock
    Hard Rock music was invented .
  • Disco

    Disco style bcame the mot popular musci at that time over the rest of genres.
  • Hip Hop

    Hip Hop
    Hip Hop was created.