music evolution

  • 325

    The begining

    The begining
    European music was spread throughout the western world (Roman Empire) because of Christianity.
  • Opera

    Through an expirement from musicians and intellectuals music drama was born,also known as opera.
  • Classical

    Through the use of symphonies and string squaretes,classical music is made.
  • Jazz and world folk

    Jazz and world folk
    A new type of music is born through the act of various artists.
  • Rock n' Roll

    Rock n' Roll
    Rock n' roll became very popular around this time era.
  • Motown

    A new sense of style is made from a very popular record lable also known as Motown.There were many diffrent artists in this record lable.It's style is r &b,soul,and pop.
  • Rap

    In the late 70's rap became very popular,it progressed to get even more popular throughout the years.
  • Disco

    Disco was also a new popular style of music made in the late 70's.
  • HIp hop

    HIp hop
    Hip hop became popular in the late 90's.It has becaome very popular throughout the years.
  • Current music

    Current music
    All the past styles of music effect the music that we all listen to today.