Music Evolution

  • flute

    is a tube with holes cut in it
  • Gramophone

    first device used to record and play sounds
  • drum

    Primitive people used drums. only theirs were made out of bamboo and animal skins. and was made in 6000BC
  • Vinyl Record

    was a flat disc made out of vinyl and had music on it
  • 8-track

    it was a tape with an endless loop
  • CD

    was used to store digital data
  • Ipod

    is the most sold portable media device
  • Ipod touch

    the first ipod that has a touch screen. and allows you to play games and purchase songs with out needing a computer
  • Guitar

    a musical intrument with strings on it
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  • Piano

    the piano is an instrument that has keys which look like big square buttons