Music Devices

  • 1st phonograph

    1st phonograph
    invented by Thomas Edison
  • 1st Gramophone

    1st Gramophone
    invented Emile Berliner
  • Records are invented

    Records are invented
    Victrola model record player was the first record player type
  • disc recording are invented

    disc recordings were the new thing
  • Electrical reords

     Electrical reords
    Electrical reords were now replacing the acoustic records
  • Long Playing record

    plays for hrs
  • Transistor Radio

    Transistor Radio
    Transistor Radio
  • Quadrophonic (four channel) records

    Quadrophonic (four channel) records
    1971 Quadrophonic (four channel) records appeared on the market but public reaction was unenthusiastic due to the confusion of incompatible systems and the economic climate. QUOTE FROM http://www.soc.duke.edu/~s142tm01/history4.html
  • Portable Cassete

    Portable Cassete
    It cost $288 US when it was relesed.
  • CD!

    he first CD released was Billy Joel's "52nd Street
  • Portable Music player

    Portable Music player
    this was created by sony