Music 6

By _meesh_
  • Ragtime Music

    Ragtime Music
    Ragtime Music is Musical theme that liked peak popular music. Ragtime music was popular through the 1895 - 1918.
  • Ragtime Music Scott Joplin

    Ragtime Music By Scott JoplinThis is the Ragtoime creator. He is playing this song and I personally like the song.
  • BeBop

    Be Bop was a music that was similar to jazz. Be bop was a popular through the mid 1940. Be bop was was similar to jazz but the only difference was that it was more up beast and faster
  • Historical event about BeBop

    The world war to was going on during Ragtime
  • BeBop music

  • Historical event in 1895

    Historical event in 1895
    Febuary 24th the Cuban war of independence begiins.