Mr. Steve Jobs

  • Steven Paul Jobs was born

    Steven Paul Jobs was born
    Mr. Jobs was born in San Fransico, CA.
  • Mr. Jobs was adopted

    Mr. Jobs was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs and moved to Mountian View, CA when he was 5 years old.
  • Apple was found

    Apple was found
    Mr. Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne founded Apple.
  • Welcome Macintosh

    Welcome Macintosh
    Mr. Jobs introduce the Macintosh to the world.
  • Mr. Jobs was fired

    At the end of may, Mr. Jobs was fired as the head of Macintosh.
  • NeXT Computer

    NeXT Computer
    After being fired from Apple, Mr. Jobs started up NeXT Computer.
  • Pixar

    In 1986 Mr. Jobs had bought Pixar for $10 million.
  • First film with Disney

    After Mr. Jobs bought Pixar and after they partnered up with Disney, the first film made was Toy Story.
  • Welcome back to Apple

    Welcome back to Apple
    In 1996, Apple bought out NeXT Computer and mr. Jobs was back working for Apple.
  • CEO

    Mr. Jobs was announced the CEO of Apple.
  • Health

    Mr. Jobs had stated to his employees that he has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.
  • e-waste

    Mr. Jobs focused on recycling and created e-waste.
  • Cell phones

    Cell phones
    Apple made it into the cell phone business with the iPhone.
  • Transplant

    Mr. Jobs had a liver transplant.
  • Leave of absence

    After Mr. Jobs liver transplant, he was granted a medical leave of absence.
  • Resignation

    In August, Mr. Jobs resiged as CEO of Apple.
  • Mr. Jobs passed away

    Mr. Jobs passed away