Mr. Charlie Gordon

  • Progress Report 1

    Charlie is hopeful he will be chosen for the experiment that might make him smarter. At this date Charlie was 37 year olds and 2 weeks ago was his birthday. Charlie said in a hopeful voice, "I hope they use me. Miss Kinnian says maybe they can make me smart." (371)
  • Progress Report 2

    Charlie took the test today. "I think I faled it. and I think that maybe now they wont use me.", Charlie noted. (371) is really worried and he even had his lucky rabbits food with him in his pocket because he had failed tests in the past and he really wanted to pass this one.
  • Progress Report 4

    "Their going to use me!", Charlie exclaimed. (374) He was so excited that he was chosen that he could barely write. One of the doctors told Charlie he deserved to be chosen since he had been through so much, this was reassuring to him.
  • Progress Report 6

    "The operashun dint hurt. He did it while I was sleeping. ", (376) Charlie said at the beginning of his progress report. This was the first progress report after his operation. Charlie talks about how he had a "bad memary for spelling" after his operation.
  • Progress Report 8

    Charlie is going back to work at the factory. "They are gonna pay me mony every month for lerning to be smart." (376) Charlie said this as he was going back to work. He was glad he was going back to work since he gets to see all his friends again.
  • March 28

    "Dr. Strauss came to my room tonight to see why I dint come in like I was suppose to. I told him I dont like to race with Algernon any more." (377) The doctor gave him a presdent which looked like a little television. Dr. Strauss told him to turn it on every night.
  • April 6

    "I beat Algernon!" (379) Charlie didn't even know he beat him until Burt the tester told him. The second time he faced Algernon he lost because he fell out of his chair he was so excited.
  • April 28

    "I don't understand why I never noticed how beautiful Miss Kinnian really is." (387) Everytime Charlie sees her now, Miss Kinnian looks younger and younger.
  • May 15

    Dr. Strauss is angry at Charlie for not writing progress reports for two weeks. "I was too busy thinking and reading." (389) Charlie said. Writing and reading has started to become much easier for Charlie now.
  • May 23

    "Algernon bit me," Charlie exclaimed. (393) Charlie was visiting the lab occasionally, and when he took him out he bit Charlie in the hand. Algernon was acting unusually disturbed and vicious.
  • May 31

    Dr. Strauss thinks Charlie is working too hard. Dr. Nemur told Charlie that he is trying to cram a lifetime of research into a few weeks and to take a rest. "I've got to find the reason for the sharp regression in Algernon." thinks Charlie as he works hard. (394) That research is what is motivating him so much to keep working.
  • June 4

    Charlie sends a letter to Dr. Strauss. He sends him a copy of his report entitled, "The Algernon-Gordon Effect." "... I am grateful for the little bit that I here add to the knowledge of the function of the human mind and of the laws of governing the artificial increase of human intelligence." said Charlie. (394)
  • June 5

    "I must not become emotional." Charlie writes. (395) He understands that the tripling of intelligence he aquired was because of the surgical technique developed by Dr. Strauss and Nemur. He knows that soon he will not be able to write and read well and that he will start to lose most of his intelligence.
  • June 10

    "Algernon died two days ago." (398) Charlie dissected Algernon after he died and saw that the mouses brain had decreased in size and weight. He understood that the same thing would start to happen to him. Charlie put Algernon's body in a box and buried the mouse, crying.
  • June 15

    "It's hard to throw off thoughts of suicide." (396) Charlie is really upset and won't open the door for Dr. Strauss to come see him. Charlie understands how important the journal will be and the importance in continuing it. He wishes and prays to God to hold onto some of the things he learned.
  • June 23

    "I've given up using the typewriter completely." Charlie exclaimed. (397) He is starting to realize that he is moving slower and slower and that his cordination is much worse. Charlie was shocked to see that when he tried to read in German that he had no idea what he was reading. He came to the conclusion that he had lost his knowledge in other languages. There was no hope, they were all gone.
  • July 28

    Charlie wrote to Miss Kinnian. "If you ever reed this Miss Kinnian dont be sorry for me Im glad I got a second chanse to be smart becaus I lerned a lot of things that I never even new were in this world and Im grateful that I saw it all for a little bit," wrote Charlie. (401) Charlie said bye to Miss Kinnian, Dr. Strauss, Dr. Nemur and the others who helped him in his letter. His finals words in the letter are, "Please if you get a chanse put some flowrs on Algernons grave in the bak yard..."