Historical Musical Advancements

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  • Piano

    The piano was invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori in around year 1700 and was named clavicembalo col piano e forte but then chanced to piano. This instrument had a big impact in musical history because it was the first instrument to cover all 88 notes of the musical scale for high to low, and the a lot of other note combinations.
  • Radio

    James Clerk Maxwell invented radio in 1890 as a way to communicate trough battle field in war but after the war was over the radio was starting to get used for news and music broadcast and the first one happened on the December 1906 from Brant Rock, Massachusetts. This invention has helped artists to gather a bigger audience for there music.
  • Magnetic Tape Cassette

    Magnetic Tape Cassette
    Magnetic tape cassette has allowed to record a broadcast and to edit it but in the cost of sound quality. It was invented in 1928 by Fritz Pfleumer.
  • Bass

    Bass was invented by Paul Tutmarc of Seattle the first model to be sold was called Model 736 Bass Fiddle. Bass is one of the most popular musical instruments to this day. It is required in almost all genders of the music other wise they wouldn't sound right or they wouldn't be that gender at all. So the amount of impact on musical history is immeasurable.
  • Hi-fi (Home audio)

    Hi-fi (Home audio)
    High- fi short for High fidelity was invented in 1967 by Avery Fisher. hi- fi is being used to this day but with more improvements to play music from this invention had an incredible impact on music history it has allowing for all kinds of music to be played out loud with very high quality.
  • Vinyl

    vinyl also known as phonograph record was invented in 1931 by Peter Carl Goldmark. Vinyl was a big quality step up at it's time and it you could store quite a lot of songs in there, Which was good news for the artist because they later on could make record deals and release records with labels for there audience to listen. Vinyl's are still used to this day by disc jockeys also known as DJs to perform in dance clubs or festivals or by someone that like old school music.
  • Electric Guitar

    Electric Guitar
    At 1931 Lester William Polsfuss also known as Les Paul has created one of the most iconic sounding instruments ever made called the electric guitar. This instrument has changed music history forever inventing a new genders of music one of the most known is rock. Which has changed music industry a lot too.
  • Effect unit

    Effect unit
    Another Les paul's invention called the effects unit that was made in 1948. This invention has added so much more flavour and potential to music that there so much to yet to find. Effects unit also sparked a lot of other inventions and music genders.
  • Analogue synthesizer

    Analogue synthesizer
    Analogue synthesizer was made In 1929 when two inventors Frenchmen Armand Givelet and Eduard Coupleaux, they combined a paper tape reader and electronic circuity making the first ever synthesizer. Then after years of development a contemporary composers started to use it, and that cause it them to get built in studios world wide. From this invention a new genders of music came out one of them is electronic music and that has evolved to dubstep, EDM, house ext.
  • Mixing Desk

    Mixing Desk
    The Mixing Desk was invented 1958 which has finally allowed to record 8 or more tracks on each channel and then mix them together. This was huge advancement compare to the other technology they had before.
  • Cassette tape

    Cassette tape
    Cassette tapes was very useful back in 1963 when it was invented, because artist could release music and reach world wide audience because the cassette tapes are easy to carry around and use. And this invention has inspired lots of more useful technology.
  • First Music Video

    First Music Video
    This is the first ever music video release on MTV it was titled Video Killed The Radio Star by The Buggles. This changed the music industry forever because it has opened so many new possibilities for artist, they could broadcast there music through the whole country and gain a big audience because everyone was watching. Even now we upload music video with the album on YouTube because they collect a lot of views world wide.
  • MIDI

    Dave Smith invented MIDI which is used to this day either the keyboard or the digital version has open a lot of new musical possibilities.
  • Portable CD Player

    Portable CD Player
    The first ever portable CD player was invented in 1984. This has let people to move around trough there life and listen to music, meaning they would spend more time to listen to music and share with others. The artist could sell there CD and get more money and get recognise.
  • Digital Mixing Desk

    Digital Mixing Desk
    Digital mixer desk was invented in 1987. This type of mixer uses digital sound transmission instead of analog sound transmission. One of it's most known feature is that it can save every setting on the desk for future use which saves a lot of time.
  • Cubase

    In 1989 cubase software was invented that allowed artists to change key, list, logical, drum, and score editing, printing, and a GM/GS editor. This invention was revolutionary because it has started the digital music era.
  • Pro Tools

    Pro Tools
    when Pro tools it could do what cubebase could but couple more features and improvements. Which had helped artist to make there music more efficiently.
  • ADAT

    ADAT also known as Alesis Digital Audio Tape were ADAT machines were the first to do so with sample-accurate timing - which allowed a artist to purchase a 24-track tape machine eight tracks at a time.
  • MP3

    Karlheinz Brandenburg invented MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 Audio Layer III also known as MP3 format. By using digital music compression Karlheinz Brandenburg has increased the amount of songs that can be saved on a single drive. But because of the compression it has effected the quality of the sound, but we use it till this day because of it's low storage and because all the apps and softwares support them.
  • Logic

    Notator Logic also known as just logic was invented in 1993. This software is still one of the most used producing software's in the world to this day. This has allowed artist to create music like never before, there's a large amount of loops, instruments, effects,
  • LimeWire

    LimeWire was launched in early 2000s and later responsible for 80 percent of all illegally downloaded music in the U.S. which nearly destroyed the music industry. It was a was a free peer-to-peer file sharing client which meant users could download, upload and trade anything peace of entertainment they wanted. But it got shut down after long battle with music industry in 2010
  • Apple Music

    Apple Music
    April 28, 2003 the apple music app got released and it had a function that was brand new to the music world. People for the first time could get only get the songs they wanted rather then pay more for a whole album. This changed the way label's and artists would release there music, rather then making a one hit and putting no effort to other songs just to get a full album, artist could put more effort into another one song that they know it will be a hit and sell.
  • Youtube

    YouTube had a big impact on music industry ever sense it go released in February 14th in 2005. YouTube started partnering with artists to amplify their work by releasing music videos, official audios attracting lots of sponsors to the YouTube, music industry and the artist.
  • Spotify

    Spotify was launched in 7 October 2008 and ever since has helped the musicians to gain streams by making things like top 10 boards, treading pages, new release playlists, any gender 100, also a wide category choices. Spotify also had earned a lot of money for the music industry and artists.