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Tangerine- Maria Isabel

By Candy83
  • Move from texas to Florida

    Move from texas to Florida
    Paul was on his way to Florida from Texas. Before he left, his imagination of a zombie following him representing that he was part of the family and that problems follow you no matter where you go.
  • The muck Fire

    The muck Fire
    paul and his mom saw that there was a fire for a really long time now. And that there was a lot of smoke and thunderstorms . And that the wind was blowing the dust everywhere.
  • Legally Blind

    Legally Blind
    Paul and Mrs.Fisher went to the new school that paul was going to attend. After Mrs.Fisher and Paul were done introducing themselves Mrs.Fisher told the principal if she can get a quick dry tour around the school because Paul was legally blind.
  • Erik's Football

    Erik's Football
    Paul was saying that Erik last year made 9 points and 14 points because a he kicked the football forty-seven-yard far on a football field goal. And the Mr.Fisher told Erik's coach about Ohio State and how he regretted that he was too small to play football.
  • The First Day of School

    The First Day of School
    Paul starts his first day of school.Then when he started walking into the school when he past by the gray wall he got a flashback. He got a flashback when it was his first day of school in kindergarten. Erik's friends made fun of him because he couldn't really see so they called him ''Eclipse Boy''.
  • The Football Dream

    The Football Dream
    Erik has a friend named Author. Author is like Erik's little minion and does what ever Erik tells him to do. Paul can see Author in the future that he will get somewhere in life but just to stay in the Erik fisher football dream he will probably throw all that way just for Erik. Paul says that he is afraid of Erik and now he says that he gets afraid of Author.
  • The walk

    The walk
    Paul told Joey that if he wanted to go on a walk and Joey told him to meet him at the guardhouse at 6:30 at night. On their walk Joey and Paul are talking about how the house in the corner that when Mr.Donnelly and his son lived there they got hit by lightning three times. But now that house is for sale.
  • The Soccer Try - Outs

    The Soccer Try - Outs
    Paul is on his way his way to his middle school soccer try - outs. When Paul get there he finds Joey and they start jogging together. While they are jogging they see people that are really good at soccer and he says that whose are the kind of people they need on the soccer team. Then when one of the good soccer players wanted to shot a goal on Paul, Paul blocked it and they guy was surprised that he blocked on of his goals. Paul in his mind knew that he was on the official soccer team.
  • The Death of Mike Costello

    The Death of Mike Costello
    When Paul and his mom were taking out the groceries Erik and Author came back from football practice told his mom that Mike Costello was died. He died during football practice and the police man and the ambulance came and trying to do CPR on him and that shock things.
  • A Day Without the Costello's

    A Day Without the Costello's
    MOM thought that there was going to have a short day today because of the accident or that they would have any football practice or soccer practice but they did have a long day and they also still have soccer practice and football practice. Paul's teacher wrote Mike's address on the whiteboard and they are also going to make cards for their lose.
  • The football meeting

    The football meeting
    The whole football team and parents had a meeting with the coach. When they were having the meeting mom was telling his coach that they should have practices in the morning for the football players safety. Paul's mom said that three boy athletes died because of lightning in Tangerine County. But the coach kept refusing to do practices in the morning. Coach warner said that is all the parents agreed to have practices in the morning then they will have practices in the morning.
  • Paul gets kicked off the Soccer Team

    Paul gets kicked off the Soccer Team
    when Paul get to soccer practice his coach wanted to talk to him. Paul's coach told him that he was going to get kicked off the soccer team because the people that have really bad vision can't play on the team was they have insurance. so Paul's coach was really sorry that Paul was not going to be on the team. Then Paul's dad went to go talk to the coach why Paul can't play soccer and his coach said that he can not play as goalie but he can be the water boy, the manger or the ball equipment guy.
  • The Lake Windsor Carnival

    The Lake Windsor Carnival
    Paul's mom is going to take Joey and Paul to the Lake Windsor Carnival. When Paul's mom dropped off Joey and Paul they saw a group of Really good soccer players when they were taking to the entranceway. Then one of the soccer players asked for Paul's Ticket and Paul said no then Joey grabbed Paul from the elbow and started running and Joey said not to look at them or talk to them they are from the Tangerine Middle School.
  • The mistake

    The mistake
    Paul was in class a kid came in and gave the teacher something and his teacher told him that he needed to go to Mr. Murrow's . when Paul get to his room he saw Joey and some other soccer kids there sitting on the couch. Paul sat down and Mr. Murrow started to talk. he said that he knew what they did but none of them knew what they did. Mr. Murrow said that when they went to the carnival they vandalized the exhibits. But they all said that they didn't do it until Paul said he knew who did it.
  • Losing the Audience

    Losing the Audience
    In this part of the book Paul was talking about how all of portables are going to be moves and how the periods are going to get fixed and how the only things that was not going to be moved was the football stadium and they lost half of its seating capacity but at the end Paul said" Erik Fisher,the soon-to-be-famous placekicker, has just lost half of his audience".
  • He got the job !!!!!!!

    He got the job !!!!!!!
    On the Eye witness news they were talking about old Charley. And how Old Charley lived in the high life. After the news was done the commissioner called Paul's dad and they had a conversation for over an hour and at the end he told Paul, Erik, and Paul's that he got the job to be the new Directer of Civil Engineering for Tangerine County.
  • Catholic school

    Catholic school
    Mom was talking to Paul about maybe attending Catholic school. But Paul doesn't want to go to catholic school and he even said that he isn't even catholic. Paul's mom said that 10% of those Kids are not even catholic. But still Paul doesn't want to go to that catholic school.
  • Tangerine Middle School

    Tangerine Middle School
    Paul arrived at Tangerine Middle School. He went to the front office. The principal gave him a escort. His escort was a girl named Theresa Cruz. She will be his escort for his second day at Tangerine Middle school. Paul asked her a question about the soccer team. She said her twin brother Tino was on the soccer team. Paul said he was thinking of going to the soccer practice. Theresa said her brother was not there because he got suspended for three days.
  • Victor Guzman

    Victor Guzman
    Paul was eating lunch with Theresa like he did yesterday. Suddenly he sees some guys come in it was Tino, Victor and his other friends. They walked up to and said who is this guy. And Theresa said this is the guy I told you about. Then they were at soccer practice Paul was the goalie and Victor kicked the soccer ball and Paul wanted to prove to Victor that he wasn't a Lake Windsor looser.
  • The Soccer Jersey

    The Soccer Jersey
    Paul and Joey were handed their soccer jerseys. Joey and Paul were showing off their jerseys to each other. They went out side wich was a bad idea it smelled like fire
  • The Soccer Game Tangerine versus Palmetto

    The Soccer Game Tangerine versus Palmetto
    It was the first soccer game it was against Palmetto Middle school. Last year the War Eagles lost a game against them this year Victor was focused and wanted to win. However Paul was done eating dinner then paul got a phone call and it was Joey telling him that he was going to be him tomorrow at school meaning that he was moving school to Tangerine Middle school.
  • The First Football Game

    The First Football Game
    It was the first game for the Lake Windsor High school football team. I looked like it was the most important day of paul’s dad’s life.When Paul and his family got to the football game they went to go sat down on the their side of the bleaches with the rest of the other Lake Windsor High School fans. While they were waiting for the game to start Paul saw a squadron of police cruisers on seagull way and channel 2 news was there. Then the game started and the Lake Windsor High School won!!
  • The Second Soccer Game

    The Second Soccer Game
    It was the second game of the Season and they were going versus Kinnow Middle School. Paul said that he has never seen that many people at a kids soccer game. And of course Paul’s parents weren’t there or Joey’s parents but if it was a football game they would be there. Then the game started and at the end of the game Tangerine Middle School won!!
  • Fish

    Victor asked Paul why Joey always follows him wherever he goes. And Paul said why won’t you ask Joey. Then Victor tapped Joey on the shoulder with his Big Gulp cup and then Victor said “Hey! Yo! Why are you following Fisher Man around all the time?” Then Joey looked upset.Then Victor tapped him again but a little harder and then Victor said are you his boyfriend or something and Joey really mad just said “No I not”.
  • Interruption

    When Paul was at soccer practice he saw a white van with two antennas on top one on the back that looked like a corkscrew and one in the middle that swiveled. And then they saw that the white van was getting closer and got off and went to the coach. Then the coaches went to the guy and said what he wanted and all he wanted was pictures of the special people that they have on there soccer team the two girls when it is a boy team. And then one of the girls went to go and take pictures.
  • Joey Quits

    Joey Quits
    Joey and Paul were in science class when they invited Tino to be in their group. And Tino told Joey that this is not soccer practice this science class and Joey said then you are saying that I stink at soccer.And he said no and Joey said all right. Then Tino said “ A chance to get in with some of the people from the team and Joey said that he is not on the team anymore. Because it didn’t mean anything to him and that he was going to play football when he get to high school.
  • Chump

    Joey and Paul were still mad at each other and Paul flashback when it was the first day of school for Joey and Tangerine Middle School. And when it was the first day of school for Joey Paul to get a school guide but Joey said that he didn’t need one and called Theresa a guide dog. Paul told him to change his attitude and Paul told Joey blind on accident and then got mad at each other and Paul told him again before he left to change his attitude.
  • The alcove

    The alcove
    When Paul is in the alcove he doesn’t even need to get up from the chair to go find out anything about anything.when he needs to do a school report or something. Then when Paul was into the alcove is mom called him and told him to go up stairs and do his homework because there was going to be people coming over to his house. Then was asked his mom who was going to come over to his house. Paul’s mom said that Homeowners Association was coming and that it was going to get a little loud in there.
  • The House

    The House
    Theresa invited Paul to go to her house. Theresa gave Paul a map of where she lives and put a x of where she lives. Paul came up with a gray idea and said that why won’t be go with Henry’s brother in his car to take him to Theresa’s house. Then Paul and Henry arrived to Theresa’s house he knocked on the door and Tino opened the door. When Tino opened the door he didn’t even acknowledge Paul and only said hi to Henry.
  • Time Flies

    Time Flies
    Paul says that time goes by so fast that he doesn’t even get to eat dinner with his family anymore. Paul gets amazed by what day it is and by what time it is. Paul say that by soccer and football it goes by so fast and his family is always so busy.
  • The Nursery

    The Nursery
    When Paul went to the tangerine nursery Luis told him that he can come back again and so that is what Paul did he went back to the nursery. When Paul got the nursery he knocked on the Quonset and there was no one there until he heard his name behind him. Then they got to work and carried black hoses to put on thousands of tangerine trees and after they were done with that they took a break. When they were taking the break they were eating tangerines. Then they went to go put holes on the trees.
  • Famous Now

    Famous Now
    Paul’s dad was always bragging to Mr. Donnelly about Erik kicking and on one day showed put to a practice and was impressed about Erik’s kicking. They want people to start hearing about Erik and Erik is now famous like Antoine. People say that Erik is one of the most important person on the team but some of them don’t like him but the rest of them do.
  • Last Game

    Last Game
    It was Paul's last Game of the soccer season they were going versus Manatee Middle School. Lake Windsor Middle School won the Manatee Middle School it was 8-0.
  • The article

    The article
    Paul was reading an article it was about how different middle schools had players on their team that made a lot of goals. The middle school that had the most goals was the Tangerine Middle School that had the most Maya scored 52 goals. And the two school that is going to go versus each other are the War Eagles and the Seagulls Middle schools at the Lake Windsor feild.
  • The Champions

    The Champions
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