morgan famous dead guy

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    Thales- 624 BC

    thought all things were made of water
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    Democritus 460 BC

    first person to think of atom thought it was a solid sphere
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    Aristotle 384-322 BC

    didnt believe atomic theory said every thing was made of earth fire water or air
  • Issac Newton

    matter is formed of solid massy inpenetrable particals
  • Dalton

    atomic theory
  • Henri Becquerel

    discovered radioactvity
  • Joseph John Thompson

    discovered electron
  • Ernest Ruthaford

    discovered neucleus
  • Millikan1909-1912

    found charge of electron
  • Bohr 1911-1916

    created Bohr model
    electrins orbited atom
  • Schrödinger

    predicts odds of electron location
  • Chadwick

    proved neutrons