Moose's family history

  • Period: Feb 11, 1066 to


  • Feb 12, 1066

    count de rogier

    count de rogier saild from normandy to serve with willium the qunquerer
  • john rogers

    john gogers saild from london england to the barbeatos serching for opportunites
  • john rogers

    john rogers moved to vermont for aquier land and to farm it
  • easter kenn

    easter keen and family came from sweden to the deleware river settelment
  • merle family

    merle family fleed france to save thir lives after the revocation of the ecict of nates and sought refuge in germany
  • john rogrs

    john rogerrs moved to holland new york to aquier land and to farm it
  • lewis evens and shara

    lewis evans and his wife sahra moved from caervonshire whals to chester county pensilvania to farm
  • day family

    the day family moved to holland, new york to aquier farm land
  • stuart and davidson faniles

    the stuart and davidson familes left scotland and setteled scot ridge, ohio, for better life oportunites
  • john and anna

    john gorge and anna maria merle left hassel-cassel, germany moving to attica, new york for farmland and inproved oportunites
  • jacob vandegrift

    moved to river side california from indianapolis indiana
  • robert evans and nancy greg

    robert evans and nancy greg moved from greene county pencilvania to woodford county illinois
  • anne marie jacobson

    anne marie jacobson came to south dacota from ribe denmark
  • parents of johan nielson

    parents of yojan nielson moved from denmark to america setteled in south dacota to farm
  • willium and anna

    wilium and anna hanniewinkel emmagrated frome germany to plato, new york-he was sent to begen a luthran congregation
  • christopher and muller

    christopher mayer and muller moved frome germany to deshler ohio and establised the general store
  • frederic and willieme

    frederic and williemie plotez moved frome the hannover area in germany to plato,new york to obtain farming land
  • imbrok family

    the imbrok family left germany and settelad in deshler, ohio to secure farmland and a better life
  • peral ryket

    peral ryket was laft in a basket as an infant on the ryket family door step in attica, new york
  • johan nielson

    johan and family left noeway and settelled in north dacota
  • gamy and gampy

    gamy and gampy moved frome wadhing to dc to chico california
  • herbert meyer

    herbert meyer moved to deshler ohio to help wih the familly store
  • alice davidson

    alice davidson married herbert meyer and moved to deshler
  • harry and dorth merly

    harry and dorthy merly movedd to columbus ohio were he worked for citris-wright in the air craft industry
  • helen rogers

    helen rogers moved to buffalo to work in the insueance bisnus
  • harry merle

    harry merle and family moved to alden new york and harry worked for twin coach in th air crafi industry after citrus wrigt want out of buisnus
  • gamy and gampy

    gamy and gampy moved to costa rica for ten years
  • walt meyer

    walt meyer moved to danang viet nam-air force transfer
  • walt meyer

    walt meyer moved to columbus ohio where he maried karyl meyer
  • walt meyer

    walt meyer moved to danang viet nam-air force transfer
  • the meyer family

    the meyer family moved to grate hokam england-air force trancfer
  • mama and dada

    stphanie meyer married lewis worley
  • me

    i was born