Moore's Law Timeline

  • Integrated Circuit Invented

    Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce co-invent the integrated circuit.
  • Period: to

    Moore's Law


    The term Moore's Law is coined in a paper written by Gordon Moore, and Moore's Law is born.
  • First Microprocessor

    Ted Hoff makes the first microprocessor, it contains 2,300 transistors.
  • First PC

    Apple releases the first personal computer.
  • IBM is the best

    IBM releases their first PC and personal computing takes off.
  • Transistors

    Intel creates a microprocessor with 275,000 transistors.
  • More Transistors

    Intel makes the Pentuium Pro Processor, with 5.5 million transistors.
  • Great Birth

    Ben Taylor, savior of Earth, is born
  • Way More Transistors

    Intel makes a chip with 220 million transistors.
  • 90 Nanometers

    Intel creates a chip containing 125 million transistors, but the chip is only 90 nanometers thick!
  • Passing the Threshold

    The Amount of Transistors on a Microchip exceeds 1 billion
  • Moore's Law Collapses

    It s predicted that by 2040, this exponential growth in computer power will stop, and computer strength will stop growing. Something will have to fill the gap.