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In History
  • 1,200 BCE

    Cowry shells

    Cowry shells
    First used like as money in China
  • Jan 1, 666


    Made in Turkey. Made from a mixture of gold and silver.
    They were stamped with the badge of the king
  • Jan 1, 1000

    Paper Money

    Paper Money
    First used in the 11th century by the Mongolian emperor (Kubla Khan) in China . In European banknotes appeared in 1661 in Stockolm, Sweden
  • Cheques

    By the British bankers Clayton and Morris . Were used to signed instruction to banks to pay money
  • Cash Register

    Cash Register
    Was invented by the American saloon bar owner by James Ritty.
    The objetives was to stop dishonest employers from stealing money
  • Credit Cards (plastic money)

    Credit Cards (plastic money)
    Was first issued by the Diners Clubs. Today all banks issue credit cards.
  • Digital money

    Digital money
    First used in the USA in 1995. Will probably be the money of the future.
  • Euro

    We have entered the third millienium with a common european currency : the euro