Moments Where Katniss Received Help

  • Mine Explosion

    "My father had been killed in the mine accident three months earlier in the bitterest January anyone could remember. The numbness of his loss had passed...At eleven years old, with Prim just seven, I took over as head of the family" (26,27). Katniss' father was very important to her; he taught her how to hunt. He served Katniss positively because that is their family’s source of food. His death hurt Katniss, but it strengthened her to fend for herself and to learn how to support a family.
  • Peeta Gives Bread

    "The boy took one look back to the bakery as if checking that the coast was clear, then, his attention back on the pig, he threw a loaf of bread in my direction" (30,31). On the brink of starvation, Katniss turns to the garbage cans of the merchants. Peeta gives her the loaf of bread to feed her and her family for at least one meal. This also makes Peeta being chosen as Tribute personal for Katniss because he helped her family get fed.
  • Period: to

    Hunger Games

  • Madge Gives Katniss Pin

    “'They let you wear one thing from your district in the arena. One thing to remind you of home. Will you wear this?' She holds out the circular gold pin that was on her dress earlier. I hadn’t paid much attention to it before, but now I see it’s a small bird in flight" (38). Madge gives KAtniss support by giving her the pin. While in the arena it reminded Katniss to never give up and to play for your district.
  • Gamemakers' Score

    "I dig my fingernails into my palms as my face comes up, expecting the worst. Then they’re flashing the number eleven on the screen. Eleven!" (108). The Gamemakers liked something about Katniss, and now that opens up new opportunities for her. This score can be seen as both emotional help and physical help because it gives her confidence that she has a chance in the games, but also the increased chance of sponsors helping her out when she’s in need.
  • Haymitch's Help

    “He made you look desirable! And let’s face it, you can use all the help you can get in that department. You were about as romantic as dirt until he said he wanted you...Just clear out, put as much distance as you can between yourselves and the others, and find a source of water" (135,138-139). Because Haymitch is a victor of the Hunger Games, he knows the ropes. He knows the strategy of getting sponsors and staying alive. Both of these strategies are told to Katniss to help her succeed.
  • Cinna's Advice

    "I am not pretty. I am not beautiful. I am as radiant as the sun...Cinna thinks about this a moment. 'Why don’t you just be yourself?' 'Myself? That’s no good, either. Haymitch says I’m sullen and hostile,' I say" (121). First, Cinna transforms Katniss into a new person, and gives her an edge with the sponsors as the "girl on fire." Second, he gives her confidence to be herself and to not pretend to be a different person. This same confidence she brings into the games and keeps her motivated.
  • Rue Points to Nest

    “Her little hand slides into the open and points to something above my head…Among the familiar evening sounds of the woods, my ears register a low hum. Then I know. It’s a wasp nest” (184,185). Instead of killing her or dropping the nest on her, Rue tells Katniss it's there. Rue knew Katniss needed some way to escape the Careers and this act of kindness kept Katniss alive. This gave Katniss a chance to cut down the branch so it would land on the other Tributes, giving her a chance to flee.
  • Katniss Recieves Medicine

    “Sitting on my sleeping bag is a small plastic pot attached to a silver parachute. My first gift from a sponsor!...I probe the surface of the ointment. The throbbing in my fingertip vanishes” (187-188). Due to her score of 11, Katniss received sponsors. The ointment given to Katniss heals and soothes her burns. But not only that, it prevents infections possibly keeping her alive. This was an important help to Katniss during the games because it healed her and allowed her to keep going.
  • Peeta Warns Katniss

    “‘Get up! Get up!’ I rise, but he’s still pushing at me. What? What is going on? He shoves me away from him hard. ‘Run!’ he screams. ‘Run!’ Behind him, Cato slashes his way through the brush” (193). This is the first real moment where Katniss realizes that Peeta is on her side. By him warning her to get out of the area, he showed that he really cared for her. This helps Katniss out because if it wasn't for him she could've gotten killed.
  • Thresh Lets Katniss Go

    “He lowers the rock and points at me, almost accusingly. ‘Just this one time, I let you go. For the little girl. You and me, we’re even then. No more owed. You understand?’” (288). This is Katniss’ closest encounter with death. Katniss witnessed Thresh kill Clove just seconds before, but he lets her off just this once. This is both payback and a reward for befriending Rue, and singing her to death. This also helps Katniss because it draws Cato to Thresh and not her.