Modern History Unit 3A - Australia 1920 - 1959

  • Federation

    Australia became a Federation on this date, uniting all the colonies under the one parliament.
  • Formation of Labor party

    Australian Labor Party ALP formed from the Labor movements in each colony.
  • Pacific Islanders Labour Act 1901

  • Immigration Restriction Act 1901

  • Commonwealth Franchise Act 1902

    Commonwealth Franchise Act 1902 Act that allowed white women to vote in Federal elections, excluded all non-citizens.
  • Conciliation and Arbitration Act 1904

    Conciliation and Arbitration Act 1904 Aimed to settle disputed between workers and employers, and upheld their rights and obligations. Set up the Conciliation and Arbitration Court
  • Harvester Judgement

    Harvester Judgement Guaranteed a basic wage for all workers which was based on the needs of the worker, not the capacity of the industry. It was illegal to pay workers less that the basic wage.
  • Invalid and Old Age Pension Act 1908

    Invalid and Old Age pension act 1908 Introduced the first pension for old and disabled White Australians.
  • Maternity Allowances Act 1912

  • Beginning of WWI

  • Period: to

    World War I

  • Gallipoli Landing

  • Australian withdrawal from Gallipoli

  • First Conscription Referendum

  • Labor Party Split

  • Formation of Nationalist Party

  • Second Conscription Referendum

  • Formation of Country Party

  • Beginning of Bruce-Page Coalition

  • Opening of Old Parliament House

  • Founding of Royal Flying Doctor Service

  • End of Bruce-Page Coalition