Modern Day Historical Events for Education

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  • Child Study Movement

    Child Study Movement
    in the 1800's- 1890's at Clark University in Massachusetts G. Stanley Hall and his students explored how children learned and developed. The goal was to learn how to teach young people and be effective teachers. Through his work at how children learned is what pioneered educational psychology in the early 1900’s which later made new methods for teaching.
  • Factory Model

    Factory Model
    Schools were organized like factories and used a bell system. These were called Platoon Schools. Starting in Gary Indiana they provided organization. It gave schools academic departments for separate disciplines and specifically designed classrooms for individualized classes.
  • Cardinal Principles Report

    Cardinal Principles Report
    A report sponsored by the National Education Association (NEA) sought to create educational equality for high school students. They recommended schools be uniform in their academic courses. They developed a common academic guide for schools to follow in order to lessen inequalities throughout schools. A guide for general education and counseling programs for furthering education by moving on to college.
  • Brown V. Board of Education

    Brown V. Board of Education
    In a unanimous US Supreme Court ruling overturning the “separate but equal” rule that was nationally standard for more than 100 years. The case originally starting in Topeka KS gave educational opportunities to children of all races and desegregated public schools in the US.
  • No Child Left Behind Act

    No Child Left Behind Act
    In an attempt to hold states and school districts accountable George W. Bush sign this into law. His goal was to equalize education and allow all students including low income and minority students to receive equal education and school funding. Each state adopted its own rules for schools to meet standard assessments. It also guaranteed students to highly qualified teachers.