Mixed Martial Arts and its Relationship with New York

Timeline created by doerrerb1
  • UFC 7

    UFC 7 was held in the Buffalo Memorial Auditorium, the first UFC event held in New York.
  • Professional MMA Banned in NY

    Then-Gov. George Pataki signs a law banning professional MMA events.
  • Tourism Committee Allows Regulation of MMA

    The tourism committee passes a bill to allow the regulation of professional MMA by the athletic commission.
  • Assembly Votes to Legalize MMA

    After the seventh straight year of the Senate passing bills to legalize professional mixed martial arts, the Assembly votes for the first time. The vote is 113-25 in favor of legalization after a three hour debate.
  • UFC 205

    The Ultimate Fighting Championship holds its first New York event in over 20 years.
  • Period: to

    Senate Passes Bill to Legalize MMA, Assembly Stalls

    For six straight years, Senate passes a bill to legalize and regulate professional mixed martial arts, each year by a wider margin. Assembly refuses to vote each time.