Minnesota Vikings

  • Superbowl 4

    Superbowl 4. the vikings lose to the Kanas city cheifs
  • The start of the Vikings

    The MN Vikings started 47 years ago. Their first game was on Spetember 27, 1970.
  • First Game

    They played the Chicago Bears in their first game. They won 37-13.
  • Rookie Quterback

    Their rookie QB took a big part in the win over the bears. Tarkenton threw for four TD's and ran another in.
  • Superbowl 8

    Minnesota loses the Superbowl to the Miami Dolphins.
  • Superbowl 9

    Minnesota loses the superbowl to the Pittsburgh steelers
  • Superbowl 11

    Minnesota loses the superbowl to the Oakland Raiders
  • Hall of Fame

    Excatly 25 years later, Tarkenton is enducted in the NFL Hall of Fame. He is the first MN Vikings player to ever be introduced.
  • Dome collapes

    Minnesota's Vikings dome collapes
  • Superbowl

    Over the past 47 years only 4 other teams have played in more superbowls. The Dallas Cowboys have played in the most out of all 32 teams today.
  • Minnesota Facts

    Minnesota Vikings have never scored over 15 points a superbowl. They also have been to 4 superbowls and havent won one.
  • New stadium

    Minnesota gets to play in there new staduim this year. They last one collapsed.
  • Minnesota Facts

    The Vikings havent made it to a superbowl since superbowl 11. They made it to the playoffs last year though.
  • Minnesota Facts

    The Vikings are looking to get Veteren linebacker Brian Urlacher. He played with bears for his whole carrer.
  • Minnesota Facts

    People think we are going to the superbowl this year. I think there dumb.