Minamoto no Yoritomo

  • 1147

    Birth of Minamoto no Yoritomo

    Minamoto no Yoritomo was born in 1147 in Kyoto
  • 1159

    Heiji Rebellion

    The Heiji Rebellion is a war that starts during this time period. The death of Minamoto no Yoritomo's father elevates Yoritomo to the position of clan chief. But because of their dominance, the Taira, who run the Kyoto, send him into exile. He is sent to Izu as part of this banishment.
  • 1169

    Hojo Tokimasa

    After being expelled from Izu for having an affair with the daughter of his captor, Minamoto No Yoritomo is taken in by Hojo Tokimasa.
  • 1180

    Genpei War Starts

    Hojo Tokimasa and Minamoto no Yoritomo agree to assist the prince in Kyoto who seeks for assistance in terminating the Taira people. To meet them and form a team with them, they travel to Kyoto. Start of the Genpei War.
  • 1182

    The Wars End

    Due to a scarcity of crops in the summer, wars in Japan slow down and eventually end.
  • 1185

    Victory of The War

    Minamoto No Yoritomo formed his own government in Kamakura after winning the five-year conflict since the Minamoto Clan had a large following there. He first mentioned the Daimyo at this point.
  • 1187

    Assassination of Yoshitune

    Yoshitune, his half-brother, was to assume the post of a military general after his death, therefore Yorimoto requested permission to have him killed. He cut his head and gave it to the authorities with the help of his allies.
  • 1192

    Appointed To A Shogun

    Minamoto No Yorimoto was chosen to be the Japanese military leader known as the shogun. He created the first shogunate. In Japanese history, it was a form of military rule that would endure for a very long time.
  • 1199

    Death of Minamoto Yoritomo

    Due to an unidentified yet significant disease, Minamoto no Yoritomo passes away.