Million-Dollar Throw

Timeline created by camerondubbs
  • Nate loses the state championship

  • Abby begins to become a much closer friend to Nate

  • Abby begins to lose her eyesight

  • Nate can start to feel the hard times his family and Abby are going through

  • Tom Brady signed ball

  • Nate begins to notice that his family is more poor than he thought

  • Nate wins a chance at a million dollars

  • Pressure from supporting poor family

  • Nate's perfect arm is not so prefect anymore...

  • Abby begins to push Nate through the pressure

  • The day of the Patriots game

  • Nate decides what to do with the money

  • Nate wins the state championship

  • Nate wins another state championship

  • Nate helped his family and Abby and became a way better person