Milestones in the Persuit of Equality for the Disabled

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    Focusing on the 20th and early 21st century

  • Helen Keller Publishes Autobiography

    Significant view of a disabled's everyday life, the challenges needed to be accomplished each day.
  • Indiana Passes Sterilization Laws

    Indiana was the first of 29 states to pass a sterilization law, directed at those with genetic illnesses, created to keep the genetic pool free of "impurities".
  • Virginia Passes State Law

    State law was passed where sterilization was allowed without the consent of the individual directed at those with social and physical handicapped people.
  • Buck v. Bell

    Supreme Court ruled that forced sterilization wasn't a violation of their constitutional rights. By the 1970s over 60,000 disabled were sterilized without consent.
  • Seeing Eye Dogs

    Seeing Eye establishes first dog guide school for blind people
  • President Franklin D. Roosevelt

    President Roosevelt's physical disability was hidden from the public due to the possibility that it would make him a less popular cannidate.
  • Euthanasia Poll

    Poll shows that 45% of the population favor euthanasia for "defective infants".
  • National Federation of the Blind

    The National Federation for the Blind was formed in PA. They wanted programs to help the struggle that the blind faced everyday.
  • University of Illinois Program Established

    The disabled students' program first began creating prototypes of student programs and independant living quarters.
  • Brown v Board of Education

    Education should be equal on all terms
  • President's Commitee Speech

    The President's Committee on the Employment for the Physically Handicapped released a speech stating that there would be an investigation of nationwide disabled people's treatment and lives.
  • Presidental Committe Speech

    The President's Committee on Employment of the Physically Handicapped created a speech that was released to the president advising that notible changes be made to the living and treatment of the physically disabled.
  • The Paralympics

    First Paralymics were started to the rehabilitate those with physical disabilities.
  • Panel on Mental Retardation

    President Kennedy appoints a special panel to investigate those with mental and physical problems and how society and living is for them.
  • Physical Disabilites Act Passed

    Mental Retardation Facilities and Community Mental Health Centers Construction Act of 1963 was passed. Shuts down harmful instituations and places the disabled into medical facilities
  • Medicare and Medicaid

    Medicare and Medicaid created to help those unable to work due to mental illness or physical disabilities
  • Virginia Law Repealed

    The law help in place by Buck v Bell was repealed though many were still sterilized without consent until 1972
  • Independant Living

    The first independant living housing for the disabled was created in CA. Was run by and for those with disabilites.
  • Disabled in Action

    The disabled banned together to protest President Nixon's veto of the Rehabilitation Act in New York City.
  • Rehabilitation Act

    An act that was created to help rehabilitate and provide physical therapy for those in need. Abolished elder treatments of the disabled.
  • North Carolina Building Code

    Statewide building code was passed to allow access requirements to all buildings in the state.
  • Education Act

    Education for All Handicapped Children Act passes, which provided each state with funding for schooling programs for those with disabilites.
  • Fair Housing Amendments

    These amendments gave protection to those in assisted housing.
  • Americans with Disabilites Act

    Act created to tie loose ends of all laws and acts, ment to well round and form a safety net for those with disabilities.
  • Holland v Sacramento City Unified School District

    Final federal appeals court ruling and affirms the right that disabled children can go to a public school and attend classes with those who don't have physical disabilties.
  • Individuals with Disabilities Amendments

    Amendments made to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act to create more equal rights to those in schools.
  • Virginia Resolution

    The Common Wealth of Virginia House of Delegates released an apology regretting the eugentics practices between 1924-1979
  • No Child Left Behind Act

    This Act produced huge gains and outcomes to decrease the gap between the mentally and physically handicapped and "normal" citizens.