Microsoft - First 25 years!

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    25 years

    First 25 years of Microsoft
  • Microsoft Formed!

    Microsoft Formed!
    In 1975, Gates and Allen form a partnership called Microsoft.
  • Steve Ballmer Joined!

    Steve Ballmer Joined!
    In June 1980, Gates and Allen hire Gates’ former Harvard classmate Steve Ballmer to help run the company.
  • MS-DOS

    Microsoft made a operating system and called it MS-DOS.

    Microsoft's new operating syste, MS-DOS, ships in 1981.
  • Windows 1.0

    Windows 1.0
    Windows 1.0 was anounced.
  • Windows Gets shipped

    Windows Gets shipped
    On November 20, 1985, two years after the initial announcement, Microsoft ships Windows 1.0.
  • Windows gets fancy!

    Windows gets fancy!
    On December 9, 1987 Microsoft releases Windows 2.0 with desktop icons and expanded memory.
  • Getting the graphics!

    Getting the graphics!
    On May 22, 1990, Microsoft announces Windows 3.0
  • Little Steps

    Little Steps
    Windows 3.1 released
  • Microsoft meets an important Milestone.

    Microsoft meets an important Milestone.
    Windows NT was released.
  • Internet Explorer

    Internet Explorer
    In the summer of 1995, the first version of Internet Explorer is released.
  • The PC comes of age

    The PC comes of age
    On August 24, 1995, Microsoft releases Windows 95, selling a record-setting 7 million copies in the first five weeks.
  • Lets go flying!

    Lets go flying!
    In 1996, Microsoft releases Flight Simulator for Windows 95.
  • Windows 98

    Windows 98
    Released on June 25, 1998, Windows 98 is the first version of Windows designed specifically for consumers.
  • Stable, usable, faster

    Stable, usable, faster
    On October 25, 2001, Windows XP is released with a redesigned look and feel that's centered on usability and a unified Help and Support services center.