• Microsoft is Founded

    Microsoft is Founded
    On April 4 in 1975 Microsoft Corporation was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen
  • Period: to

    Microsofts Work for Others

    From 1975 to 1985 Micrsoft was writting Operating Sytems for IBM the Operating System BASIC and for Linux the OPerating System XENIX and others.
  • Windows 1.0 was invented

    Windows 1.0 was invented
    On November 20 1985 Windows 1.0 was released. Ths was Microsoft first independent Operating System as a stand alone company. It was not command based like the other Operating Systems of the time.
  • Windows 2.0 is Released

    Windows 2.0 is Released
    On December 9 1987 Windows 2.0 was released. It was the Succesor to Windows 1.0
  • Winodws 2.1x was Released

    Winodws 2.1x was Released
    On May 27 1988 Windows 2.1x was released . It was released less than its predecessor Windows 2.0.
  • Windows 3.0 is released

    Windows 3.0 is released
    On May 22 1990 Windows 3.0 was released. It was said to have a more user frendly interface, it was the Successor to Windows 2.1x.
  • Windows 3.1x

    Windows 3.1x
    On April 6 1992 Windows 3.1x. It was the Successor to Windows 3.0.
  • Windows 95 was released

    Windows 95 was released
    On April 24 1995 Windows 95 was released. It was said to have been the biggest progression over the Windows Operating Systems.
  • Windows 98 is released

    Windows 98 is released
    On May 15 1998 Windows released Wndows 98. It was the Second Major Release in the WIndows 9x line of Operating Systems.
  • Windows 2000 was released.

    Windows 2000 was released.
    On Febuary 17 2000 Windows 2000 was released. It was the frst Windows released in the New Millenium.
  • Windows Me was released

    Windows Me was released
    On September 14 in 2000 Windows released Wndows Me. The Me stood for Millenium Edition. It was a Windows dedicated to the new Millenium.
  • Windows XP was released

    Windows XP was released
    On October 25 2001 Windows released Windows XP. This Windows had a Series of Updates called Service Pakcs.
  • XBOX is released

    XBOX is released
    On November 15 2001 the XBOX was released. It was a very significant jump for Microsoft because it was there frst game console.
  • XBOX 360 is released

    XBOX 360 is released
    On November 22 2005 the XBOX 360 was released. Ths was very significant in Microsoft history. This game console was rated the number one console of 2012
  • Windows Vista was released

    Windows Vista was released
    On January 30 2007 Windows Vista was released. It came with a seres of Service Packs also. This Windows also came with four different versions Basic, Premium Home, Business, and Ultimate Edition.
  • Bill Gates resignation

    Bill Gates resignation
    Sometime in July of 2008, Bill Gates resigned as Micrsofts CEO the but stayed Chairman.
  • Windows 7 is released.

    Windows 7 is released.
    On October 22 2009 Windows 7 was released. It was Succesor to Windows Vista. It also came in versions. They where Windows 7 Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate.
  • Windows 8 release date uncertain.

    Windows 8 release date uncertain.
    Windows 8 is in the procces of creation and is rumored to come out this October of this year, but the release date is uncertain.