Mespotamia Timeline

  • Jan 13, 633

    Muslims conquered Syria and Iraq

  • Jan 13, 1076

    The Mizamiyya mosque-university was established in Baghdad

  • Feb 10, 1258

    Baghdad invaded by Mongols

    Began period of economic and political decline
  • British troops occupied Baghdad

  • The League of Nations sets the border between Turkey and Iraq

  • Iraq was created as independent state under the monarchy of Faisal I

  • General Bakr Sidqi came to power in Iraq

  • Saddam Hussein was born

  • British troops invaded Iraq to install a pro-British government

  • Feisal II became king of Iraq

  • Iraq, Turkey, Britain, Pakistan, and Iran signed a treaty pledging economic and military cooperation. This agreement was technically called the Central Treaty Organization (CENTO),

  • Kuwait, a British protectorate since 1899, declared independence.

  • Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Egypt, and three other members of the Arab League severed diplomatic relations with West Germany because that country had established formal diplomatic ties with Israel

  • 05, 1977 Egypt broke off diplomatic relations with Syria, Algeria, Southern Yemen, Libya, and Iraq because of those governments' efforts to undermine the peace negotiations between Israel and Egypt

  • The war between Iran and Iraq began when Iranian and Iraqi air and naval forces clashed over disputed territory escalates.

  • General Saddam Hussein named successor

  • Iraq invaded Kuwait

  • During his State of the Union speech, President George Bush lists Iraq, Iran, North Korea and Syria as part of an "axis of evil."

  • Around 2:30 GMT the United States begins its invasion of Iraq by launching a series of air strikes against Baghdad in the hopes of quickly killing leaders of the Iraqi government

  • Four mercenaries, all U.S. civilian contractors, are killed in a grenade attack on their vehicle by guerrillas in Fallujah, Iraq . After the attack, a violent mob moved in to pull out and mutilate the charred bodies. Two were hung from a bridge over the E