Mercy's Magnet Timeline (click an event for more details)

  • Mercy begins formalizing and structuring our work for Magnet design

    Spring 2004 Mercy Care newsletterThis year we began assessing our nursing practice against the 14 principles of the Magnet Foundation, which set the standards for leadership and best practice in nursing. We at Mercy have been practicing many of these standards for years and this year will be focused on developing strengths in the other areas. As we develop our practice, we may ultimately apply for Magnet status through the American Nurses Credentialing Center.
  • This year, Mercy nurses conducted a Magnet Readiness Survey

  • This year's progress towards Magnet Status

    Hired a Magnet Coordinator
    Performed a Gap Analysis
    Started the EBP/Research Council
    Solidified the Councils structure to include Education
    Joined the Magnet Baltimore Group
    Sent staff to Baltimore Magnet Conference
  • This year's progress towards Magnet

    Began the Nursing Leadership Magnet Group
    Revised the Professional Practice Model, Mission, Vision, Care Delivery Theory, By-Laws
    Joined NDNQI
    Performed Nursing Satisfaction Survey
    Started Magnet Champion Group
    Attend the National Conference
    Understand the new Model and its components
  • Magnet Champions had their first meeting

    The Magnet Champions had their first meeting in July. As the group develops, these nurses will be in charge of leading us on our journey towards nursing excellence. Of their accomplishments to date, the group has worked on learning more about the Magnet Program and how Mercy meets the standards. Seven Mercy nurses recently attended the annual Magnet conference in Salt Lake City. The nurses unanimousl
  • Learning about the Caring Model with “Caring Moments”

    The Magnet Champions began capturing “Caring Moments” as we started to roll out Dr. Jean Watson’s Caring Theory.
  • Moments of Loving Kindness

    The Magnet Champions present their Loving Kindness books, which will capture many Caring Moments.
  • Period: to

    National Magnet Conference

    Phoenix, Arizona