Medieval japan

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  • 500

    korean influence on japan

    Korean missionaries introduced Buddhism to japan in the 500s
  • 600

    Japanese go to China . . .

    In the 600s Prince Shotoju of the Yamato clan sent nobles to study in China. For 200 years japanese students, monks, traders and offcials visited the Tang Court.
  • Period: 1147 to 1199

    The Shogunate

    The shogun Yoritomo Minamoto set up the first of three military dynasties that ruled the world for 700 years.
  • Period: 1568 to

    Three Great Unifiers

  • 1582

    Hideyoshi takes over

    Attempts to finish unification, but local Daimyo continue to control individual areas, and they are forced to ally.
  • Tokugawa and the Europeans

    japan unified politically by military commanders.
  • Expulsion and Isolation

    All missionaries removed by 1612, and foreign trade was closely controlled